Major Structure


Coverage through 6th year. Material defects.

Load-Bearing Portions of the Home


Observation: The failure of any of the following load bearing portions of the home: foundation systems and footings, beams, girders, lintels, columns, structural walls and partitions, floor systems, and roof framing systems. (Note: load-bearing portions do not include, for example: roofing and sheathing, drywall and plaster, exterior siding, brick or stone or stucco veneer, floor covering material, wall coverings, non-load bearing walls and partitions, concrete floors in attached garages and basements that are built separately from foundation walls or other structural elements of the home, electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating or cooling systems, ventilation systems, appliances, fixtures and items of equipment, paint, doors and windows, trim, cabinets, hardware or insulation.)

Performance Guideline: The failure of these load-bearing portions of the home shall not affect their load bearing functions, making the home unsafe, unsanitary or unlivable.

Corrective Measure: The Bolster Contractor will repair or replace the defective item(s), or will pay the owner the reasonable cost of such repair or replacement. The Bolster Contractor’s total liability is limited to the amount specified in the Limited Warranty. The choice as to repair, replacement or payment is solely that of The Bolster Contractor. Repair of defective item(s) is limited to (1) the repair of damage to the load-bearing portions of the home, which are necessary to restore their load-bearing function; and (2) the repair of those items of the home damaged by the material defect, which make the home unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unlivable.

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