Pricing powered by transparency

Homeowners rarely get to know the true cost of their project upfront. Bolster's process solves this by giving you increasingly accurate construction-cost information before you begin building while arriving at a fair price. 


Always lowering costs

Bolster's professionals are trained and incentivized to produce cost savings as early and often as possible during your project.

Make informed choices

Bolster’s Process reveals the feasibility of the work you want to do and how much everything costs so you can make the right decisions.

Transparency wins

Bolster reveals the true cost of delivering your project while communicating the value of your contractor's methods.

Powerful tools

Bolster has invented a suite of tools that empower you with the information you need to make the right decisions about your home. See tools in action.

"Bolster's process and tools immediately put my wife and I at ease and ultimately created over $100,000 in value on our home renovation project." 

Carl Nelson

Bolster Customer, Garrison, NY

Winning Bids

Bolster Contractors ultimately deliver you a highly detailed Final Bid. Here's a sample of a few winners so you know what to expect.

Pricing FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Bolster's pricing and business model.

How do the funds flow on a typical renovation with Bolster?

Bolster handles all of your project funds and disburses them to our professionals upon the completion of agreed-upon deliverables. Here is how your dollars flow on a typical renovation with Bolster:

How does Bolster make money?

Bolster makes money two ways: 

  • When you purchase our Financial Guarantee, we pay a premium to our insurance partners and retain a portion for administering the transaction.

  • Our professionals pay us a success fee proportional to a percentage of your project's total value. 

Do your contractors markup their prices with your fees?

No. The value Bolster adds to our member professionals negates the need for them to charge unnecessary fees.

Also, with all direct costs specified, project management fees calculated and insurance and overhead & profit figures standardized and presented through our platform, their is simply no way for contractors to mark up their prices without it being visible to Bolster HQ and our customers. 

What does your financial guarantee cost?

The premiums our insurers charge to financially guarantee the success of your project range from 2 to 5% of your project's value.

Are your contractors more expensive?

No. Bolster contractors are consistently competitively priced compared to other professionals of the same quality bidding on the same scope of work and specifications. We also save them significant time and money, for example:

  • Bolster’s marketing activities give our professionals a reliable pipeline of high-end work so they don't have to overcharge.

  • Our front and back-end services make it possible for our contractors to win and deliver more work with less in-house resources.

  • Our technology platform streamlines our professional's administration saving them time, effort and money.

  • Our General Contractors get preferred rates when purchasing services (e.g. GL insurance) through Bolster's business partners.

I've read in the press your CEO saying "renovation pricing is a science, not an art". What does this mean? 

When all unit costs on a project (material, labor, insurances, project, site and business management costs) are visible and calculated correctly, there should be virtually no difference between competing contractors of the same competency bidding on the same project.   

As an example of this, in a test where a Bolster Contractor bid against several non-Bolster Contractors on a variety of projects, their final prices went from within 14% of each other (where only the Bolster Contractor used our pricing method) to within 2% of each other (where all contractors used our pricing method). This test was carried out in Manhattan in January 2016 on projects with values up to $1M. 

Why are a Bolster contractors' direct costs often lower?

The cost of materials and labor from a Bolster Contractor often appear lower than competing contractors because they are not inflating their direct costs. See case study for fuller explanation.

How much does a Bolster Architect cost?

Bolster Architects charge hourly to define your scope of work then a fixed fee for drawings and design oversight. Their fees typically range from 7.5% to 20% of the total construction costs and are lower with Bolster due to the protections our process affords them while working Bolster General Contractors.