Bolster hires, nurtures and supports the best people in the industry.

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Our transparent process and pricing uses data to help you make the best decisions.

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Bolster, not you, financially absorbs any and all surprises on your project.

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There’s Renovation…

The traditional renovation process is broken. You hire an architect, get a design and then find out from the contractors it will cost twice your budget to build.

Everyone “sharpens their pencil” but when the project encounters a problem the change orders, arguments and delays begin.

On average, you end up paying 30% more and waiting 3 months longer for your new home.


And then there’s Bolster.

Bolster has pioneered a transparent and accountable renovation experience.

Your architect and contractor work as one team and, using predictive models, quantify and legally absorb all of the risks on your project.

You end up paying $0 in unexpected costs, get your project 2 weeks early on average and, aided by powerful technology and professional customer support, receive the very best possible renovation experience.

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Trusted by New Yorkers.

Collectively, our in-house team of designers and builders have centuries of experience in major home renovation projects and have successfully completed over 1000 complex projects in NYC.

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Q1-2019 Report

The Bolster Major Home Renovation Report is packed with proprietary data and insights from Q1-2019’s activity throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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The team was very professional, the work high quality and the project delivered on-time and on-budget. We always recommend Bolster to friends and colleagues.

Eric & Allie Boester, UWS.

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You only have one home. We only have one team.

Unlike traditional firms, with Bolster everyone from your designer and project manager to the carpenters and painters in your home, are full-time Bolster employees, all working together as one team to achieve the success of your project.