Coverage 1st Year Only. Workmanship and Materials.

Note: Moving or protecting plants, trees, shrubs, and any other landscaping items prior to and during construction are the responsibility of the owner and must be dealt with before construction begins. Other handling of these items must be specified in the contract to designate the responsible party.



Observation: Tree stumps have been left in a disturbed area of the property.

Performance Guideline: If tree stumps were on the property in the disturbed area prior to the substantial completion of the project, The Bolster Contractor is responsible for their removal.

Corrective Measure: The Bolster Contractor will remove the stumps from the area.  



Observation: Dead shrubs, plants, trees, or sod planted in disturbed area of property.

Performance Guideline: Any shrub, plant, tree, or sod planted by The Bolster Contractor as part of the landscape package that are alive as of the acceptance of the project and die after that acceptance are not the responsibility of The Bolster Contractor.

Corrective Measure: None.



Observation: Grass seed does not germinate.

Performance Guideline: Germination is dependent on certain climatic conditions, which are beyond The Bolster Contractor's control.

Corrective Measure: The Bolster Contractor is only responsible for seeding per the supplier's instructions. Discussion: After installation, proper lawn and landscape care are the owner's responsibility.



Observation: Outdoor plants moved during work die after substantial completion of the project.

Performance Guideline: Plants that must be physically transported during the work shall be moved, maintained, and replanted by the owner.

Corrective Measure: No action is required of The Bolster Contractor.

Discussion: The Bolster Contractor shall not be responsible for delays in the schedule when plants are moved by the owner.

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