2-hour workshop

Join other sophisticated New York homeowners as Bolster's renovation experts teach the science of succeeding at renovating your home.

Home Renovation is Broken

For decades now, home renovation has been the bane of the real estate and construction industries. The process for homeowners is opaque, random and confusing. And it's no better for professionals.

Companies like AngiesList, BBB and HomeAdvisor are often hailed as solutions by a public eager for change. But the reality felt by those on the ground is that nothing has changed - unplanned costs to homeowners doing renovations in 2016 totaled $56B while the same year saw 644,000 failed projects. The tension on the ground between homeowner and professionals persist. The level of distrust between them remains high.

Maybe vetting professionals and matching them with just anyone is not the answer?

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About This Event

Spanning a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, General Assembly instructors are part of a worldwide network of thought leaders, field experts, and industry professionals who are committed to creating practical, hands-on learning experiences in a collaborative environment.

We’re hosting an open house for prospective instructors and those who would like to learn more about teaching opportunities here at General Assembly. You’ll find out more about our course offerings, learn about the role of an instructor at GA, and hear from current instructors and the General Assembly team.


  • Learn the General Assembly story
  • Discover how to get involved as an instructor
  • Hear from some current GA instructors - why they teach and what they get out of it
  • Share a drink with General Assembly staff and community

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Drive
  • Love of Learning

Please bring your resume and/or portfolio if you’re interested in pursuing instructional opportunities further.