Why Bolster

We’re a data-driven design-build firm on a mission to eliminate risk from major home renovations by being radically transparent across everything we do. With our in-house team of experts and financial guarantee, we deliver custom results, consistently.

Traditional Renovation


Your architect, contractor and all 3rd parties operate independently atop opaque processes designed for them.


Your professionals [may] conduct standard diligence and gain a vague understanding of the costs & risks on your project.


Your professionals choose to follow the status quo and contractually leave the risk of cost overruns and delays on your project with you.


On average you can expect to pay $150K in unexpected costs and receive your project 4 months later than expected.


Your project is run manually preventing your professionals from systematically improving their performance over time.




Your architect, contractor and all 3rd parties are one team operating atop a transparent process designed for you.


Using predictive models, customized diligence and granular pricing, Bolster identifies and quantifies all of the risks on your project.


Bolster chooses to have real skin in the game and has strong financial backing to legally absorb your project's risks.


You are guaranteed to pay $0 in unexpected costs and your project will be delivered on average 2 weeks early.


Your project is powered by technology designed to continually improve our ability to successfully deliver the best possible renovation experience.


Time Money Stress Marriages Sanity

Unlike the traditional renovation process, Bolster shows you the true cost of your project upfront and, due to our transparent approach, ultimately saves our homeowners around $150K* and 4 months, start to finish.

* Based upon our homeowner's average budget of $500K and timeline of 12 months for design & build.

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Bolster is a significant innovation for the renovation Industry.

Robert Ivy, CEO, The American Institute of Architects.


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