How much does it cost to [project] a [area] [project]? 

Bolster helps a first-time renovator understand the cost of their upcoming renovation project.


XXX's Project

Who is the client, whats the project brief.


XXX's Problem

Describe the pain of the consumer surrounding their budget.


Bolster's Solution

XXX contacted Bolster after researching renovation costs online and within 48 hours, met their Bolster Specialist and Professionals at their project address and, free of charge, received their Cost Report. The report showed that the cost to do their project (the right way) would be at a minimum $XXX ($XXX PSF) and at a maximum $XXX ($XXX PSF) and revealed the areas where they could save money while getting a great result for their $XXX budget.


Interpreting the Cost Report


Here's how the costs for XXX's project break down:  

  • Architect's Fees: $YYY – $YYY. ZZZ

  • Compliance Fees: $YYY - $YYY. Compliance fees will vary depending on the final scope of work. These are pretty standard and include expediting, DOB filing fees etc. As the design becomes ever clearer, this number will be firmed up.

  • Rough Construction & Labor Costs: $YYY - $YYY. These costs refer to actual materials to build the renovation. Even though these costs are a first pass, they are accurate data based off Bolster's Renovation Cost Algorithm and provide clarity on the percentage of XXX's budget that will be invested in the unsexy aspects of construction (sorry sheetrock). 

  • Fixtures, Finishes & Appliances: $YYY - $YYY. ZZZ

  • Project Management & Insurances: $YYY - $YYY. The scope of the project will determine XXX's indirect costs, such as labor and insurances. ZZZ

  • Contractor Overhead & Profit: $YYY - $YYY. These fees are standardized at Bolster and calculated as a percentage of all other costs and so if XXX keeps the construction costs to a minimum, overhead and profit will also be lower. Bolster is radically transparent about these fees for the health of the project – homeowner, contractor and architect need to know exactly where and how each dollar is being spent on the renovation, otherwise designing to a target budget is impossible.

  • Bolster Financial Guarantee: $YYY - $YYY. XXX can opt to have their project financially guaranteed with the Bolster Guarantee.  On approximately half of all traditional renovation projects, cost overruns are between 40% and 200%. Also every year, 17.2% of contractors in New York go out of business taking 77,245 projects and $700M of homeowner's money with them. That's why Bolster developed an algorithm to show how these financial exposures are reduced, and potentially eliminated, when renovating with Bolster. XXX's financial exposure to cost overruns and contractor failure on their project are $YYY with a traditional contractor following the traditional renovation process, $YYY with Bolster Contractor Aaron Borenstein following the Bolster Renovation Process and $0 when they purchases Bolster’s Financial Guarantee.

Conclusion and next steps for owner

Want to Know the Actual Cost of your Renovation?

Homeowners rarely get reliable cost information about their home renovation until its too late.

With Bolster, our professionals use a proprietary algorithm to give you accurate figures* for your final project cost - before you commit.

Bolster Home Renovation Project Cost Report.jpg

* Bolster Costs Reports provide a narrow min /max range of costs for home renovation projects worth $75,000 and over. In a random sample of 100 renovation projects, 98 of Bolster’s Winning Bids (the final project cost) fell within this narrow min / max range.