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This being Brooklyn, turns a budget that could easily have gotten us a house someplace warm and a house in the woods is a pittance to NY professionals. Then along came Bolster who for a small fee provided some sample drawings and some granularity to our budget so that we could make informed decisions about costs and determine our scope. And an on time and on budget guarantee sealed the deal. 

We met our architect and contractor along with our Bolster rep on site and they got what we wanted. They rendered the plans we dictated, but also came up with great ideas and suggestions based on their know how. We are still early in the process but the fact that we know our team up front is immensely comforting. They are always responsive and very clear about their process. We even had a water main burst and our contractor had a plumber there in 15 minutes. 

Lauren, Bolster Homeowner, NYC

Fraser Patterson in New York City, NY on Houzz
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We hired Bolster to manage our combination / renovation of three apartments in NYC. The team was very professional, the work was high quality and the project was on time and within budget. We have continued to recommend Bolster to friends and colleagues who are going through the renovation process.

Eric & Allie, Bolster Homeowners, NYC

Fraser Patterson in New York City, NY on Houzz


My husband Tom and I had to move in with my parents after the contractor our co-op recommended disappeared in the middle of the project because he never filed building permits. A friend told me about Bolster and within about 24 hours of my call, they sent in the perfect team.

Bolster accommodated our remaining budget and ensured the quality and timely completion of our renovation. The proper permits were filed, and we knew that this time everything would go as planned. Needless to say, the renovation turned out stunning.

Marinella and Tom, Bolster Homeowners, NYC



I used to be at odds whenever my clients asked for contractor recommendations but now I simply recommended Bolster -  and every time, Bolster has delivered.

I just don’t want to ever have to apologize to a client for making a bad contractor recommendation. That’s why I use Bolster.

Jim, Licensed Real Estate Broker, NYC



I wanted a contractor to renovate my family home in the Upper West Side. Picking the right contractor was important for me because I wanted to continue working from home whilst the renovation took place.

I chose Bolster because I knew for a fact I could trust Bolster would make good on their promises. Bolster really committed to my project and their construction crew stayed within the timeframe. It was a great experience.

Catherine, Bolster Homeowner, NYC



As an architect, I have my client's best interests at heart and know there’s a potential money pit when they remodel. That's why I recommend they use Bolster.

Mary, Architect & Fellow AIA, NYC