Marinella Blodgett

Homeowner, NYC   ★★★★★

Marinella and her husband Tom had to move in with Marinella's parents after the contractor their co-op recommended disappeared in the middle of the project because he never filed building permits. A friend told Marinella about Bolster and within 24 hours of her call, we sent over Bolster Contractor Michael Daryani. 

Bolster accommodated their remaining budget and ensured the quality and timely completion of their renovation. The proper permits were filed, and Marinella knew that this time everything would go as planned - she had a guarantee! Needless to say, the renovation turned out stunning.

Bolster saved my project from a bad contractor, turned it around and delivered my home on time and on budget. It was an amazing experience.

Nicholas De Seve

Homeowner, NYC  ★★★★★

Nicholas is a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker in New York City. He wanted to remodel two bathrooms within a specific timeframe but his usual contractor was away and he didn’t want to take a risk with a new contractor. Nicholas learnt about Bolster and loved our approach. We provided him the best construction crew and remodeled his bathrooms within schedule and without any hassle.

Bolster offers a layer of protection that is useful for me and very useful to my clients. I wouldn’t remodel without them.

Catherine Freudenberg

Homeowner, NYC  ★★★★★

Catherine wanted a contractor to renovate her family home in the Upper West Side. Picking the right contractor was important for her because she wanted to continue working from home whilst the renovation took place. She chose Bolster because she knew for a fact she could trust we would make good on our promises.

Bolster really committed to my project and their construction crew stayed within the timeframe. It was a great experience.

Jim Brune

Licensed Real Estate Broker, NYC   ★★★★★

Jim used to be at odds when his clients asked for contractor recommendations. Not anymore. Jim has recommended Bolster to his clients several times, and every time, Bolster has delivered.

I don’t want to ever have to apologize to a client for making a bad contractor recommendation. That’s why I use Bolster.

Jorge Mendoza

Licensed Real Estate Broker, NYC  ★★★★★

Jorge is a realtor in NYC who was finding it hard to sell a sizable West Village fixer-upper. His clients felt overwhelmed by the prospect of buying the property because it needed substantial work and they figured it was too much or a risk to do so without knowing for sure the project could be completed within budget. Jorge decided to print out Bolster's marketing literature and leave in in the open house. By introducing Bolster into his sales process he received a $6.5M offer within 48 hours.

I was struggling to find a buyer on a fixer-upper so I introduced Bolster and got an offer within 48 hours.

Mary Burke

Architect and Fellow of The American Institute of Architects  ★★★★★

Mary has the her client's best interests at heart and knows there’s a potential money pit when they remodel. That's why she recommends they use Bolster.

Architect’s have their client’s best interest at heart. That’s why I recommend Bolster.