Homeowner Reviews

We’re not a typical renovation company—so you won’t find us on typical review sites. While some of our homeowners choose to leave a formal review on specialty destinations like Houzz, we’ve worked hard to cultivate real, tangible relationships with the New Yorkers we serve.

That’s why, when our homeowners reach out to give us feedback or talk about their experience, it's honest and direct: A handwritten card. A text message. Dropping by our office. Hosting us for dinner at their new home. Just one of those personal touches is worth more to us than a hundred reviews. Here are some of our favorite moments:

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We hired Bolster to manage our combination and renovation of three apartments in NYC. The team was very professional, the work was high quality and the project was on time and within budget. We have continued to recommend Bolster to friends and colleagues who are going through the renovation process - Eric Boester, Manhattan

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When we tell our renovation story to our friends and family they’re amazed - Adam Braim, Brooklyn


We met with countless architects and contractors, and all seemed to have varying relationships with the other, so we could never get a handle on exactly how or when our project would be completed. But when Bolster was recommended, all of that confusion melted away. After their initial inspection, we were offered 3 different gut renovation options to choose from, and there was literally no detail overlooked.

The project ran seamlessly from the demo to the completion date -- hitting every price point on the nose, being flexible when we wanted to make changes, and always doing more than what was expected. The end result was flawless and we feel like we grew our family with the team that worked with us. We only wish we had more property that Bolster could work on, because that would be the first and ONLY place we'd go.

- Jamila, Harlem

Fraser Patterson in New York City, NY on Houzz

As first time home owners, the hardest thing for us to parse is the per-se-foot fees set forth by architects and contractors. We understood that based on experience professionals would have these figures in their head, but they didn't help us in trying to create a budget to accomplish the changes and updates that we sought in our old landmarked townhouse. And we didn't want to sign on with someone based on an estimate that was prone to gross fluctuation.

We also had trouble finding a fit with architects that seemed committed to us and what we thought was a very workable budget. This being Brooklyn, turns a budget that could easily have gotten us a house someplace warm and a house in the woods is a pittance to NY professionals. Then along came Bolster who for a small fee provided some sample drawings and some granularity to our budget so that we could make informed decisions about costs and determine our scope. And an on time and on budget guarantee sealed the deal.

We met our architect and contractor along with our Bolster rep on site and they got what we wanted. They rendered the plans we dictated, but also came up with great ideas and suggestions based on their know how. We are still early in the process but the fact that we know our team up front is immensely comforting. They are always responsive and very clear about their process. We even had a water main burst and our contractor had a plumber there in 15 minutes. The fact that I always get a prompt response from the team is huge. Fingers crossed that the headache of Landmarks, demo and renovation prove to be small obstacles for Bolster, but for now they've been amazing at shepherding us green owners through this labor.

- Lauren, Brooklyn

Fraser Patterson in New York City, NY on Houzz

The new stairs and shower seat have changed our lives . . . more than words can say. The kitchen has been wonderful. Who knew that an 8ft island is all a girl needs I am personally enjoying infinite ice (which is what I call the ice maker in the new fridge) and of course the closet (see attached photo).

We have one outstanding item in the kitchen and a couple of minor things that we've added to a list that we'll be sending to James. He has been responsive as usual.

In short, we're well and happy even if a bit overwhelmed.

- Renee, Harlem


I wanted to renovate my family home in the Upper West Side. Picking the right contractor was important for me because I wanted to continue working from home whilst the renovation took place.

I chose Bolster because I knew for a fact I could trust them to make good on their promises. Bolster really committed to my project and their construction crew stayed within the timeframe. It was a great experience.

- Catherine, Manhattan


Bolster did a fantastic job with the renovation of our 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Key highlights below:

  1. Price is set on stone on day one. You will not pay more than what's initially agreed on.

  2. Project will last no longer than what's agreed on day one as well. Monthly carry for apartments in NY is expensive. A project delay is therefore costly. Bolster eliminates extra costs arising from delays.

  3. Our project manager, Aaron, was extremely responsive. Always made himself available.

  4. Their technology makes it easier to track progress and costs.

  5. High quality work and post-project warranty.

If I had to do it again, I would definitely go with Bolster.

- Jonathan, Manhattan


In choosing Bolster, I was looking for simplicity. I looked at other renovation services (traditional contractors, marketplaces, interior design startups etc.) but ultimately chose Bolster because of the people.

- Lynn, Manhattan