One of our friendly specialists will talk to you about your project goals and answer your questions.

FREE     15 Mins     Expert Advice


Home Visit

Your team leaders will visit you to better understand your project and define your design & build requirements.

FREE     1 Hour     Meet The Team, Action Plan

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Sketches & Pre-Estimate

We will produce a simple set of high-fidelity sketches accompanied by granular pricing for your total project cost benchmarked against our data sets for similar projects to your own.

$2,000*    4 Layout Options    Reliable Pricing

* Free if you are not changing layouts.

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Design Proposal

With your sketches and project pricing stable, we will now present a design proposal detailing all activities in the design phase of your project. Once approved we’ll sign our design-build agreement together.

FREE     Detailed Design Proposal    Design-Build Agreement


Design & Pre-Build Services

Now that we have an understanding of what we are building we begin with full architectural design services (schematic design, design development and finally construction drawings and approvals).

$25K Min, $68K AVG     Full Drawings & Approvals     Iterative Pricing

Traditional architects charge on average 17.5% as a percentage of your build costs and as high as 20%. They also adjust their fee upwards if you spend more during build. Bolster charges on average 12.7% (including DOB Fees and 3rd parties like expeditors etc) and no higher than 15% and save our homeowners on average $26K on design fees.

Learn more about what services to expect from an architect and how design fees work.

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Custom Diligence

Bolster will conduct a proprietary inspection on your property’s DNA and condition so that we can limit any delays and fully absorb any and all surprises during build.

FREE     Zero-Risk Guarantee

From labor strikes and pricing errors to discovering a hidden pipe in your wall, our proprietary diligence and data model enables us to accurately price your project and then absorb 100% of your financial risk so you only pay what was agreed upon.

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Build Services

Our build crews, supported by our operations team and technology, deliver your project exactly as promised and absorb any and all surprises along the way - it’s the risk we’re willing to take to make your project a success.

$150K Min, $537K AVG     Design Oversight     On-Time, On-Budget New Home

Traditional builders contractually leave the risk of cost overruns and delays on your project with you and on average cost you $150K in unexpected costs and 4 months of delays.

Bolster has real skin in the game and strong financial backing to legally absorb your project's risks. You are guaranteed to pay $0 in unexpected costs and your project will be delivered on average 2 weeks early.

Learn more about renovating with Bolster.

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Lifetime Warranty

Once unwrapped, your new home is backed by Bolster’s Lifetime of Ownership Workmanship Warranty TM (another industry-first) which ensures your home meets our Quality Standards for as long as you live in your new home.

FREE *     Appliance Package     Lifetime Warranty

Traditional builders offer workanship warranties for limited periods of time (most commonly 12 Months) and often end up charging for call-backs.

Bolster's transparent model and highly-trained workforce delivers the highest quality of workmanship in accordance with our documented Quality Standards. Offering you a lifetime workmanship warranty, free of charge, for the duration of your life in the property is a natural extension of this.

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