It’s been a labor of love, but we finally cracked it. 

Here’s how Bolster renovations work




Let’s hop on the phone, get to know each other, and talk shop. We want to chat about your project’s budget, timing, and goals to see if we’re a match.



Site Visit.png

Site Visit

Your hand-picked team leader and architect pops by for a visit to learn more about your project. We want to chat in detail about your wish list, what’s possible, and what we can design and build together.





We provide you with three sketches: what you’ve asked for, what our architect wants to refine, and the “lottery” sketch, where we go a little wild with big ideas. After some brainstorming, we provide a final sketch.





We then provide a cost estimate for your total project. (Yeah, we mean your entire renovation cost, soup to nuts.) If you’ve been shopping around, our data scientists analyze our estimate alongside those of the competition, ensuring you're hiring the best people for your build.




Design + Build Contract

After agreeing on the master plan, we deliver your final contract that you may terminate at any time during the design process.





Our architect draws the schematics that bring the sketch to detailed life. We also manage all those complicated building and city approvals at this time.






This is the most exciting part! We roll up our sleeves and get to work on schedule. Day one, we’ll bring the donuts.




Some process related FAQ

What can I do to prepare for our site visit?...

Before our site visit, we recommend reviewing your alteration agreement (if your building has one!) and preparing any questions you may have.

How long does a site visit take?...

The site visit typically takes one hour, and we promise not to overstay our welcome.

How much do sketches cost?...

We charge $2,000 for co-op and condo sketches, and $3,000 for brownstone sketches. But hey, if you ask us, these sketches are priceless.

How long does the sketches process take?...

Five working days for the first set of sketches plus two working days for the revisions.

How long does it take to get the pre estimate and the architect’s proposal?...

Five to seven working days depending on the complexity of the project.

How long does the final sketch take?...

Two working days - we first come up with the fourth sketch and then provide the pre estimate.

What guarantee do I have of the quality and timeliness of your work?...

As your General Contractor, we deliver your project exactly as promised. And if for some reason, we don’t–and it’s due to our negligence or misstep, we’ll pay to fix the problem, ensuring everything meets our quality standards. We compensate for delays and any surprises up to the amount of our profit. Yep, that means we’ll eat our own earnings. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take–because we truly believe in our process.

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