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Paula & Jeff's Tribeca Loft Project

Paula Reardon and Jeff Earl had a very clear vision for renovating their Tribeca loft apartment.

The husband and wife team had saved $400,000 to make that vision a reality. But, as the couple discovered, when it comes to renovating your home, knowing what you want is easy. Being able to create that dream space within your budget is the difficult part.

“I assumed it would be a challenging but manageable process, but then the first architects didn’t want the business or it was so expensive, I was so put off by the experience,” Paula says.

Frustrated with architects who wanted $9,000 for a second meeting or quoted them close to $200,000 over their budget, Paula turned to Bolster.

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Bolster gives owners the qualified professionals, tools and information needed to be in the driver seat of their project

Anna Karp, Bolster Specialist



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Location: Tribeca, Manhattan

Size: 1,250 Sq. Ft.

Type: Loft co-op 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath

Type: Design & Build

Budget Range: $400K to 500K

Scope: Gut renovation of a one bedroom one bathroom Tribeca loft. The design optimized existing space by flipping the layout turning the loft into a two bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a top range kitchen, new HVAC system, restored windows throughout and new flooring.

Duration: 12 months (6 months design, 6 months build)

Professionals: Architect  Jessica Wetters, Specialist Anna Karp, General Contractor Aaron Borenstein.

Using Bolster’s data-driven budget planner tool, which estimates the cost of a renovation early on in the design process, Paula and Jeff were able to see the cost of each item and why their proposed renovation would’ve been around $570,000. The tool empowers homeowners to make the right decisions for their renovation by providing them with the information they need to avoid issues caused by “over designing.”

New clients also get a free site visit with a Bolster-approved architect and contractor. The consultation and the budget planner tool both make it easy for homeowners to work with architects and contractors as a team, adding more pricing transparency to the renovation process.

Anna says one of the best ways clients can reduce their renovation budget is to reduce their scope of work. With the transparency the budget planner tool gave them, Paula and Jeff made decisions to better fit their renovation needs into their overall budget, while still getting almost everything they wanted.

The budget planner tool has helped many other Bolster clients get the home of their dreams without breaking the bank. According to the company’s data, 99.3 percent of the renovation projects Bolster oversees are delivered on budget, while 98.7 percent are delivered on time.

Both Paula and Jeff say working with Bolster made the renovation process much easier.


We were planning on new flooring and then with the budget planner and cost of it, saw it made more sense to redo the floors, which were good quality but needed an update.

Jeff Earl

It kind of felt like we got to the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold was there and it was my lucky day. The transparency and knowledge to make informed decisions was very enlightening and it made the process more manageable.

Paula Reardon