"I was immediately impressed by Paul because he understood what I was looking for straight away. The fact the he directly employs all the craftsmen (i.e., no sub-contractors) also made hiring him a no-brainer for me.  Paul has a lot of great people on staff and the quality of his team's work is excellent.  Paul exceeded my expectations in all areas and I definitely want him on my next job"

Rodney Hakes Happy Owner, NYC


Paul Skema

About me  I've been a general contractor in NYC for over 12 years and absolutely love the renovation profession. It also runs deep in my family - I learned everything from my uncle who founded the business and was initially inspired by my grandfather who was an architect. In fact, my earliest memories are of me with grandfather in his office watching him working on his drawing board and then heading off to site to see the very buildings he'd been designing.

My biggest passion  I love transforming homes for my clients. Seeing happy clients receive what was once just an idea or drawing is by far the most rewarding part of my job and is what gets me jumping out of bed every day.

My core strengths The full integration of the construction process. We take full responsibility for the outcome because we have no subcontractors and spend the majority of our time analyzing everything to ensure we execute smoothly. Also, we are huge on communications and have company-wide direct access to all on and off site workers via mandatory cell phones.

My proudest moment  The moment I became convinced I'd finally optimized my company's internal processes to deliver everything in an efficient and systematic manner. Once you have a system, the process becomes enjoyable for everyone. I'm very proud of that accomplishment.

Why I renovate with Bolster  For me it's all about the alignment of ideas - The Bolster Process, and the thinking behind that process, is rare and impossible to find in this industry. Bolster has basically invented the "right and only" way to do renovations and I'm thrilled to be a part of the family.