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Paul Capece & Alex Shkreli RA, PACS

About us PACS Architecture was founded in 2011. Our partnership continued a long history of collaboration between us as undergraduates, and has helped us continue to develop our unique design aesthetic together. Now supported by an ever-growing staff of exceptionally talented young architects, we've developed into a nimble entity capable of expertly and efficiently executing designs of various typologies, styles, and sizes.

Our biggest passions We love designing buildings and spaces that exhibit each client’s individuality, while respecting the unique context of each project.  Central to our approach is a belief that functionality and user comfort are critical to the success of any work of architecture. 

Our core strengths Over the past 5 years, we have each designed dozens of renovations, enlargements, and new buildings throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Our ability to shepherd designs through the regulatory approval process, including Building Department and Landmarks Preservation Commission, has along the way made PACS one of the most sought after architecture firms in New York.

Why we renovate with Bolster Very interesting ideas with a lot of potential.

Bolster Architects Paul Capece, Alex Shkreli and Agustin Ayuso with Bolster Specialist Anna Karp