Your home, in smarter hands

We design, build, and deliver your renovation exactly as promised. Supported by proprietary technology, our team of experts is committed to creating the perfect place to come home to.


  • Thoughtful And Timeless Design Our plans are drafted to fit your lifestyle. We guarantee the design will become the perfect place to lounge, celebrate, eat, and snooze. (Or whatever it is that you do at home.)
  • Constructed At The Right Price Not all bids are created equal, so our data scientists analyze the Bolster bid alongside those of the competition. It’s a bit unorthodox, but this practice ensures you're hiring the best people for your build.
  • Built On Budget With the project plan in place, we solidify your budget before we get to work. And if Bolster is responsible for any hiccups, we put our money where our mouth is and pay to make it right.
  • Delivered On Time We return your keys and deliver your finished project when we say we will. If Bolster causes any delays, we compensate for your daily cost of living–so you can continue carrying on until the job is done.

Mistakes can happen, but we've got a plan.

Bolster maintains responsibility for any missteps incurred by our team members. We absorb costs due to our underperformance or error, and we correct faulty work until it meets our standards.


We obsess over the entire process. 

We'll deliver designs, handle procurement, manage deliveries, and build it all out. With our radically transparent online platform, it’s easy to view progress and costs. 


The best renovations begin with you.

Renovation isn’t magic–it's science. We promise to deliver the tools and resources that empower you to make smarter, more cost-effective decisions for your home. 



More About The Bolster Promise

For those who want to get a bit more in the weeds


First, we listen. Bolster promises to deliver a design that honors your budget, type of home, and renovation requirements. It’s an iterative process. Our industry-leading architects provide scalable design options that empower you to make intelligent decisions. It’s everything from helping you choose suitable lighting to stating exactly why that half-wall has got to go. (And if we see something that might not work the way you’d expect, we’ll speak up and address the problem!)

Bolster is a long-term partner in the renovation process, and we’re confident in our ability to design beautiful and timely projects for your lifestyle. Because Bolster architects never receive more than a 15% cut (whereas other competitors can take up to 30%!) you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a smarter financial decision.


Our network of Bolster-certified architects know the business inside and out.

With our team’s commitment to information integrity and our obsessive due-diligence, we promise to clearly communicate vital information to all regulatory bodies, manage building approvals, and expertly liaise with every project stakeholder–so you don’t have to.


If Bolster is the cause of any delays on your project, we have you covered, financially. Our team will reimburse you on a daily basis to help mediate the inconveniences of falling off-schedule. This reimbursement is based on the size and lifestyle of your family, up to an agreed-upon percentage of your total budget.

Bolster will pay to correct any faulty work until it meets our standards and your satisfaction.

Bolster will honor the fixed price in your contract. We will only bill you for additional fees if you change the agreed-upon project scope, add enhancements or upgrades during the process, or if something is discovered during construction that Bolster could not have predicted in advance. (Like a hidden gas pipe that was not accounted for in the building’s planning documents.)