bol·ster | ˈbōl-stər

: a structural part designed to provide support
: to support with or to reinforce
: to give a boost to



For the world’s most intelligent systems, the whole, as they say, is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s everything from a suspension bridge to the stock market–the bits and pieces are engineered to perfection, but the parts don’t simply show up and announce their willingness to work. Nope, there’s always a design. An operating system. Or, dare we say, an engineered philosophy.

And behind that philosophy, you’ll often find a people with radical ideas. (That’s us!)

As humans, we’ve been around long enough to witness a world where most practices have been reasonably designed–some more intelligently than others. We know that great design not only helps streamline the way we do things–but it supports the real people on the other end of the equation.

At Bolster, we’re building a smarter process for home renovations–because believe it or not, nobody’s ever done it before.



The usual way of doing things is pretty bad.



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Why are things so dicey?

Most homeowners have no reliable way of understanding how much it costs to nail a correct and compliant renovation. We’re all experts in something, but the average New Yorker certainly doesn’t have a PhD in managing successful design and build projects. Nor should they. (That’s where we come in, but more on that later.)

When presented with figures from qualified professionals, homeowners can find themselves in a pickle. How accurate are the costs? How do you know you’re not getting ripped off? It’s human nature to shop around and compare prices. (And as New Yorkers, we pride ourselves on our pragmatism.)

So then what? Some homeowners go in search of a less experienced contractor willing to do the project at a lower price. The project hits some bumps in the road, and then more bumps, maybe some potholes...and yikes. At the end of the day, you’re poorer in funds and richer in frustration, because the whole process is lacking oversight and accountability. Nobody wants to take full responsibility–but who can? Without an intelligently designed system, it’s impossible to build a truly accountable process.

Spoiler alert–we did design it. We’ve built a smarter operating system and engineered an intersectional philosophy in designing and building home renovations, from the ground up.




Your home is really, really, really important.

In a city as crazy and always-on as New York, your home is your sanctuary. Everyone needs a door to close behind them. Because after all, your home is really an expression of you–a place to return to, again and again, to be as you are. And for us, a strong sense of home is serious business.

In our house, we do things a bit differently–and we’ve got a few guiding principles.

Radical transparency. We’re an open book so that you can become an empowered homeowner. We believe in showing the real costs of every renovation project, line item by line item. Our estimates are all-in and include the comprehensive cost of fees, materials, and compliance requirements, helping you to understand where you can spend, and where you may want to splurge. In other words, as somebody smart once said, knowledge is power.

Financial accountability. We solidify your budget before we get to work. And if we’re responsible for any hiccups, we put our money where our mouth is and pay to make it right.

A scientific approach. Renovation isn’t an art–it’s a science. We’ve tested our process over the years, and we know it’s a smarter (and teachable!) approach.

Measured performance. But hey, smarter is relative. We’re a bunch of obsessively curious people, and we’re always learning. Combine that with our penchant for data, and you’ve got a process that continues to innovate. We always track how we’re doing so that we can continue to build a smarter way of doing things.

Smarter technology. Our proprietary technology empowers you to understand your project in real time. View itemized costs, project milestones, documents, and invoices, all housed in our online platform.

Good people. We’re a team of dedicated and down-to-Earth designers, builders, and project managers, and we’re committed to creating the home of your dreams. Plain and simple, we’re a family.