We believe in you and your right to renovate successfully


Bolster is founded by renovation professionals with decades of experience in the field. We know how hard it is out there and how broken the renovation process actually is. That’s why we’re building a smarter way - working with qualified owners only, and together using a suite of budget & project management tools while following a powerful new process, we help you attract, win and complete great projects successfully and profitably.


Why Bolster?


Win More Projects


To date, our platform has helped our contractors win 81% of proposals at full market rates with no discounts See our tools

Earn More Revenue


You can expect to work on major home renovation projects with a combined value of $2M in your first year and grow from there

Keep More Profit


Bolster educates our owners on their project's true cost so your bids can reflect what it takes to deliver them successfully and retain a fair profit

How Bolster Works

Get Qualified

Our qualification process consists of two questionnaires, an in-person meeting, reference checks and our surety partner conducting an expert review of your business  Start your application

Get Bolstered

Bolster's experts will train you and your team in our platform, process and technology and get you and your company ready to meet homeowners as a Bolster General Contractor

Do Your Thing

Bolster is the business partner of your dreams - from qualifying owners and helping submit bids to signing contracts and administering project finance, we take the routine stuff off your plate so you can focus on renovating!

Got Questions?

How much does Bolster charge? ...

6%. Our general contractors charge their usual market rates to owners and pay Bolster a success fee. This fee helps Bolster design, build and maintain our platform for you to win more projects and help deliver them on time and on budget. In turn you win more quality projects at less cost...and so it continues.

How do I get paid? ...

Bolster is paid by owners directly in advance of you commencing each milestone of work. Then upon the successfull completion of each milestone, we release funds to you minus any retention. This means you always get paid and never have to worry about the last payment being withheld.

Which contracts am I required to sign? ...

When you are awareded a project with a Bolster customer, you sign a AIA A105 - 2007 contract and Bolster Rider together.

Do I sign a contract with Bolster? ...

No. When you sign in to your account you are asked to accept our terms which govern our relationship with you and Bolster Owners and the contracts you sign together.

View our Terms



  Personable, courteous, coachable

  Willing to bid with 100% transparency

  Comfortable using technology

  Customer and detail-centric

  Good to excellent credit (600+)

Your Business

  Back office

  2016 revenue of $1M+

  Up-to-date financial statements

  $100K+ residential project size focus

  Minimum of Workers's Comp & $2M GL with $1M per occurrence 

  Service NYC (esp. Manhattan and Brooklyn)

  Quality photos of your completed work

Case Study

Meet Aaron, Bolster's first Contractor. Aaron joined us after 10 years of fighting the traditional renovation process on his own. Within 12 months of joining Bolster, his revenue doubled with improved profitability. He's set to grow another 60% this year and is working with a better quality of customer than ever before - no more "blue electrical tape" punch list nightmares for Aaron.



Aaron's First Year Results



Win Rate




On Time 


On Budget


Net Promoter Score


NYC Press Mentions


New Employees





Interested in growing?

Bolster is seeking experienced and innovative General Contractors who want to bring their talent to the next level.