Easier and less expensive than the alternatives

With Bolster, you get great results while avoiding the hassle and cost overruns associated with renovating any other viable way.


Bolster is free for owners

Bolster is paid for by our member professionals at no additional cost to you.

Our architects and general contractors charge their usual market rates to owners and pay Bolster a success fee.

This fee helps Bolster design, build and maintain our platform for professionals to win more projects and help deliver them on time and on budget. 

In turn they win more quality projects at less cost...and so it continues.


Bolster saves you money

Compared to traditional renovation projects, which experience an average cost overrun of 60%, Bolster's cost overruns to date have been just 0.7%. That translates $59,300 of savings for every $100,000 of budgeted cost.


"Having worked on various projects with Bolster in the past 12 months, I have not seen any cost overruns like I do on other projects - I do not recommend renovating any other way"  Agustin Ayuso, LEED


"Since 2015, I've done a few million dollars of projects with Bolster and on half of that I would not have won on my own. Bolster definitely makes it easier for me to renovate successfully."  Aaron Borenstein, Bolster Contractor

Over 5% of Bolster's stock is owned by our professionals.

Bolster makes it easier for your professionals

Bolster provides our professionals with a variety of tools and services that help their businesses prosper and make it easier for them to deliver your project.

  Targeted marketing for better quality prospects

✔  Powerful sales tools to increase conversions

  Streamlined process to optimize resources

  Structured agreements to reduce project risk

✔  Milestone payment solution to reduce credit risk

  Business-wide dashboard to simplify operations

Bolster makes it easy to plan your renovation

Bolster provides you with the most suitable team of renovation professionals for your project and helps develop your design to fit your budget. And when construction pricing settles, it will be 89% closer to your original budget than when hiring an independent architect and general contractor.

 Network of high-end architects

✔  Financially Guaranteed contractors

  Advice and educational content

✔  Reliable cost info before you spend on design

 Actionable cost insights as you spend on design

✔  A design that fits your budget

 A Final Bid that exactly reflects your design


Bolster makes it easy to manage your renovation

Rather than struggle with hundreds of emails and excel spreadsheets, your Bolster dashboard has all your information available in one place and all up-to-date financial data broken out, structured and presented beautifully so you know exactly where every single dollar is going, at every stage.

  Fixed-Price Contract

  On Time & On Budget Financial Guarantee

 Everything all in one place and on the go

 Invoicing, payments & changes made easy

 Complete record of all activities

 Impartial advice at every stage

Compare Bolster to:

Hiring an architect...

Traditional Problem: On traditional renovation projects, owner's budgets are not stress-tested against the scope of work the architect has been asked to design. As such, bids from contractors frequently come in significantly higher than anticipated (up to 103% in our experience), resulting in sticker shock for you and a painful, and sometimes expensive, re-design process.

Bolster Solution: Working within the Bolster process, you can embark upon your design with your Bolster Architect safe in the knowledge you already have a scope of work that is achievable for your agreed-upon budget thanks to our Cost Estimate and Budget Planner features. This avoids contractor bids from coming back way over budget and the sunk cost, time and emotional pain involved in the architect having to redesign (“value engineer”) your project.

Hiring a general contractor...

Traditional Problem 1: Traditional bids from contractors often lack specificity around exactly what is being paid for and why. This makes it very difficult for you to make intelligent decisions about what you are buying and who to hire for your renovation.

Bolster Solution 1: Every task in a Bolster Bid is broken down into its raw material and installation costs to reveal the actual resources the General Contractor requires to deliver your project on time and on budget. This proprietary format empowers you to ask the right questions and obtain like-for-like pricing information from any competing contractors so you can make the right hiring decision.

Traditional Problem 2: In approximately half of all renovation projects, cost overruns are between 40% and 200% of the initial bid. Also every year, 17.2% of contractors in New York go out of business taking 77,245 projects and $700M of homeowner's hard earned money with them.

Bolster Solution 2: With the small step of purchasing the Bolster Financial Guarantee, you can rest assured that a Bolster Contractor's bid is the absolute maximum you will end up paying for your renovation project.

Hiring a design & build firm...

Traditional Problem: With the architect and contractor acting as one entity, you lose the advantage of having an independent architect act as your design agent throughout your project. Your contractor also has the ability to unduly influence design decisions on matters unrelated to construction costs.

Bolster Solution: With Bolster, your architect and contractor remain independent legal entities selected by Bolster and you to collaborate on your project while acting in your best interests on matters of design and build respectively. The Bolster Process also ensures your contractor’s contribution to design is restricted to methods of constructability and costs, leaving your Bolster Architect to do what they do best: design.

Using a matchmaking website ...

Traditional Problem: By selling your inquiry to multiple contractors, some matchmaking websites create an inefficient bidding process that ultimately hurts all the parties involved. They also do not improve the renovation process itself nor support projects in any meaningful way. Other matchmaking business models that receive success fees at the end of a project typically introduce you to the professionals but don’t actually improve the renovation process itself and so the professionals simply pass their success fee on to you to pay. Several Bolster customers have previously worked with matchmaking websites in NYC who failed to solve their renovation pain the first time.

Bolster Solution: Bolster is paid a success fee for by our member professionals at no additional cost to you. This fee helps Bolster design, build and maintain our platform for professionals to win more projects and help deliver them on time and on budget. Compared to traditional renovation projects where some 50% experience an average cost overrun of 60%, Bolster's cost overruns to date have been just 0.7%. That translates $59,300 of savings for every $100,000 of budgeted cost.

Meet the Renovation Professionals your project deserves.

Meet our customers, literally

To better help you understand what Bolster is capable of, we've enlisted the help of some brand ambassadors: past customers you can meet* at their home to learn in person about their renovation experience with Bolster.  

Eric Boester. UWS Apt. Combination.

Adam Braim. Brooklyn Renovation.


Catherine Freudenberg. UWS Renovation.

* Assumes your renovation project qualifies