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Build-Only Apartment Combination, 10023

Forecast | Design | Winning Bid Finished Project

Bolster's Forecast to renovate this Upper West Side apartment was that it would cost Eric and Allie $848,750 and take 182 days to deliver. Following the completion of all design work by the owner's architect, the Bolster General Contractor's Winning Bid came in at $861,541 with a schedule of 152 days. The Finished Project was then completed 200 days later and completed for $912,743. There were 0 contractor-led change orders, 14 owner-led change orders totaling $40,186 and adding 46 days to the schedule and 1 contingency item totaling $11,016 (a sub-flooring issue that did not reveal itself during the Inspection Phase) and adding 2 days to the schedule.