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Design & Build Apartment Combination, 11201

Forecast | Design | Winning Bid | Finished Project

Bolster's Forecast to renovate this Cobble Hill apartment was that it would cost Adam and Kat $228,333 and take our professionals 181 days to deliver.

Bolster's cost forecast for the Design phase from Bolster Architect David Yum was $18,607 with a delivery schedule of 60 days. The Finished Design was actually completed just 50 days later and completed for $15,332

Following the completion of all design work, the Bolster General Contractor's Winning Bid came in at $216,703 with a schedule of 92 days. The Finished Project was then completed 218 days later and completed for $250,107. There were 0 contractor-led change orders, 14 owner-led change orders totaling $18,072 and adding 2 days to the schedule and 1 contingency item totaling $5,439 (a property layout legalization issue with the Department of Buildings) which delayed the project and added 76 days to the schedule.

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