98.7% On Time, 99.3% On Budget, 100% Smarter.

Bolster is a soup to nuts renovation platform built atop a powerful new process.

With Bolster, you get the best architect and general contractor for your home renovation project and together use a suite of budget & project management tools while following a time and cost-efficient process to successfully complete your project.

Why You'll Love Renovating With Bolster


Proven Architects & General Contractors

  Network of high-end architects

  Financially Guaranteed general contractors

  Courteous, experienced professionals

  Specialists in major home renovations 

Bolster Home Renovation Cost Forecast

Complete Control of Your Budget

  Know the cost of your project in advance

  Reliable cost info before you spend on design

  Actionable cost info as you spend on design

  98% accurate

Homeowners save with Bolster

Savings & Efficiency From Start to Finish

  Get a design that fits your budget

  Get a Final Bid that matches your design

  Get your project delivered on time

  Get your project delivered on budget



Everything In One Place 

  Breakdown of all tasks, deliverables and fees

  Standardized design and build agreements

  Progress payments made easy

  All invoices and change orders

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Financially Guaranteed Performances

✔  Workmanship warranty

  Compliance with all laws

  On Time Completion Guarantee

  On Budget Completion Guarantee



Expert Support Staff

✔  Single point of contact 

  With you from start to finish

  Dedicated 24 / 7

  Impartial advice at every stage



 Designed for projects $150K+        Trusted by building management     Loved & paid for by professionals


It's The Smart Choice

Bolster helped us control costs and make smart decisions for our home - Eric & Allie Boester, Owners

"Bolster helped us control our costs and make smart decisions for our home."  Eric & Allie Boester, Owners

"When we tell our home renovation story to friends and family, they're amazed."  Adam & Kat Braim, Owners

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"I feel supported and able to deliver great work more efficiently when I work with Bolster."  Jessica Wetters, Bolster Architect


"Bolster frees up all parties involved in the renovation process to focus on creating beautiful work."  David Yum, Bolster Architect


Your Questions Answered

How does Bolster make money? ...

Bolster is 100% free for owners and paid for by our member professionals. Our architects and general contractors charge their usual market rates to owners and pay Bolster a success fee from every project. This fee helps Bolster design, build and maintain our platform for professionals to win more projects and deliver them successfully. In turn, owners who renovate with Bolster save on average $59,000 for every $100,000 of budgeted cost.

Do I need a project manager? ...

No. Every Bolster project is allocated a Specialist who helps ensure your project is ushered through the Bolster Process as efficiently as possible. Bolster Architects and General Contractors have their own project managers and the quality of our professionals, resources, tools, information and process that make up our platform together avoid the need for an additional project manager.

Can I choose my own architect? ...

Yes. On design and build projects you can select a Bolster Architect or engage your own architect and we'll provide you with the most suitable Bolster General Contractor.

Do your professionals only work with Bolster? ...

No. The volume and quality of projects our profesionals deliver through Bolster coupled with the benefits of our model (e.g. an 81% win rate vs. an industry average of 25%) see them working mostly on Bolster projects however all remain free to work on their own projects.

How long have you been in business? ...

5 years. Bolster was founded in New York City by industry experts in 2012. Our professionals have since succesfully completed over $150M of home renovations.

How long will my renovation take? ...

Allow 6 to 12 months from start to finish. On design and build projects you can expect the design process to take between 3 to 6 months depending on complexity and approvals. The construction phase on Bolster projects typically ranges from 3 to 6 months depending upon the scope of work involved.

How much will my renovation cost? ...

It depends. Square footage, quality, complexity and location all play a part. In 2016 in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the min / max / average price per square foot costs to renovate with Bolster were:

Gut Renovations: $223 / $468 / $368.
Apt. Combinations: $414 / $452 / $446.
Rooftop Terraces: $253 / $533 / $381.
Luxury Kitchens: $274 / $548 / $325.
Luxury Millwork: 184 / $240 / $205.

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"When we tell our renovation story to our friends and family, they're amazed" 


Adam & Kat, Brooklyn, NYC. Tour their home