• Best Price Get a realistic bid in the Bolster Format from any contractor backed by a Performance Bond and we'll beat it by $1,000.
  • Perfect Quality We will deliver your project exactly as promised and, if anything goes wrong, pay up to its full value to fix it.
  • On Budget We will lock-in your budget and, if we are the cause of any additional costs, absorb the cost up to the full value of your project.
  • On Time We will deliver your project on time and, if we are the cause of any delays, compensate you in full for your inconvenience.

What else is included?

  •    On-time start

  •    Up-front, fixed-price

  •    Ample resource allocation

  •    Suppliers & subs paid

  •    Mechanic's lien protection

  •    Materials warranty

  •    Workmanship warranty

  •    Compliance with all laws

  •    Completion guarantee

If anything goes wrong, we will:

Pay to complete your project, up to its full value, at no extra cost. So, on a $500K project, Bolster will pay up to $500K to a) make sure your project is completed exactly as promised and / or b) compensate you for delays, all at no additional cost to you.

Example claim only

All we need is a little cooperation

Simply follow these rules to ensure the success of your project:

  1. Hire Bolster to deliver your architectural drawings.
  2. Let Bolster handle all procurement and delivery of materials and finishes (don’t worry, we share our discounts with you).
  3. Pay your project milestones promptly and in advance of each other.


Unfortunately, if you do not follow these rules, your Guarantee may be void.

How our Guarantee works

Quality, Budget & Time

Some of America’s largest insurers have professionally analyzed our financials, business operations and management, and for a small fee, have agreed to be held financially responsible for our performance on your project via a new kind of 100% Performance & Payment Bond.

This means that if we fail to perform on your project for any reason, we must a) pay to fix it b) absorb cost overruns and c) compensate you for delays, up to your project’s full value and at no extra cost to you.

The insurers can then legally pursue Bolster for any claims they settle - which helps keep everyone at Bolster, from Job captain to Carpenter, on their A-game!

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Best Price

Bolster’s Bid format reveals the true resources needed to deliver your project successfully and its use by all contractors lets everyone know the bidding is fair.

And to prove they’re committed to your project, we ask that each contractor post a Performance & Payment Bond with an insurer who guarantees they’ll deliver your project as promised (and legally pursue them if they don’t!).

And so, if several contractors agree on what your project is, and claim to be able to deliver it while being held equally accountable, Bolster will use it’s economies of scale to offer you the best price.

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