The Bolster Guarantee

Bolster projects are eligible to be backed by a leading insurer who, via the industry's first 100% Performance and Payment Bond, financially guarantee the success of your project. Here's how it works: 

1) Contractor Qualification

Bolster's insurance partner professionally analyzes your contractor's financials, business operations and management. 

2) Institutional backing

For a small fee, the insurer agrees to be held financially responsible for your contractor's performance on your project.

3) Completion guarantee

 If your contractor fails to perform for any reason, the insurer will pay to complete your project, up to its full value, at no extra cost. 

4) Real accountability

The insurer can then legally pursue your contractor for any claims it settles - which helps keep everyone on their A-game!

About surety

A Surety is a licensed and regulated company (usually part of a larger insurance company) that guarantees one party (the obligee) a certain amount of money if a second party (the principal) fails to meet some obligation, such as fulfilling the terms of a contract. Read about surety on Wikipedia


About Bolster's surety partners

Bolster's Surety partners currently include NFP, a Nationwide surety bonds and insurance agency and CapSpecialty, an A.M. Best A-Rated licensed surety company owned by Allegheny Corporation, an $8 Billion market cap company listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1929 (NYSE: Y). 


The Guarantee

Bolster's Surety partner guarantees a pay out of "up to the full value of a customer's project" if our contractors fail to fulfill the terms of the Bolster renovation contract. 



Bolster's Surety partner charges a small premium of between 2 and 5% of your project's total cost to financially guarantee the performance of your selected Bolster Contractor. 

"After seeing amazing results with various clients, we made Bolster our go-to renovation solution. Their model, and the protections afforded by their financial guarantee product, are literally changing the way renovation is done in NYC."

Sean McPartland

VP Preferred Client Group, Citizens Bank, NYC

Full list of protections


Qualified contractors only

Bolster contractors are professionally qualified by a leading surety company, which evaluates their personal and professional track record, ensuring they are responsible, reliable, and legally compliant (e.g., fully licensed and bonded). 


On-time start

Your contractor will give you a specific start date for your project, and will commence work within a limited grace period. 


Up-front, fixed-price

Your contract will specify a single, fixed price so you’ll always know exactly what you’ll pay, and what you’ll get.


Guaranteed payments

Your contractor will properly and promptly pay all subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring no disruptions to your renovation. 


Materials warranty

All materials and equipment furnished by your contractor, subcontractors and suppliers will be new (unless otherwise specified). 

Workmanship warranty

All work will be 1) performed in a courteous and professional manner, 2) of good quality, 3) free from faults and defects and 4) in conformance with the project contract and any design documents. 


Compliance with all laws

Your contractor will conduct all business and work in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. 


Lien protection

You are protected from claims against your property from any contractor, subcontractor, or supplier who provides goods or services for your project and who is not paid — so-called mechanic’s liens. Learn about Mechanic's Liens on Wikipedia


On-time completion

Your contractor will specify a clearly delineated schedule and completion date, and will supply the skilled workers and agreed-upon materials in a timely fashion.


Completion guarantee

If anything goes wrong, Bolster's insurers will step in and fix it at no additional cost to you, ensuring your renovation is completed for the agreed upon budget exactly as specified in the contract.