Employee Recognition

From everyone at Bolster, thank you for being awesome!

Polled January 2019

Chris Amplo.png


With 31% of the votes.

What team members are saying about Chris

      "Whenever we speak, at some point Chris will ask something along the lines of “Is there any way I can do more to help?”. Not as a boilerplate greeting that people flip at you, but slipped into conversation as someone very genuinely interested in being available and helpful. It’s a remarkable service-oriented mind set. He also hooks me up with surf reports… that’s pretty rad."

      "I’m acutely aware of how many balls Chris has in the air at any one time and yet through it all, he manages to keep his cool, and stay focused on the big picture."

Kevin Powell.png


With 19% of the votes.

What team members are saying about Kevin

      "On the day Kevin interviewed, he helped Walter and Ryan unload a truck in his interview clothes, and has been a team player ever since. Both his personality and skill set are an outstanding asset to the Bolster team. He takes pride in his work and always has a smile on his face and a kind word for he colleagues."

      "Kevin's skills and craftsmanship are top notch. He is an absolute asset and always exceeds his responsibilities."

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