Ed Mastroeni


I'm Edward Mastroeni and I started with Bolster in 2018. The Bolster approach to construction renovation has peaked my interest.

I started in the construction business while in high school, learning as much as possible from multiple trades prior to starting my own company in the late 90's. Leaning more into the higher-end residential market, projects and co workers brought my skill level higher with more desire to explore different construction paths.

I then traveled the U.S. for years working in the North West, Eastern seaboard, and Rocky Mountains with my eye open for new projects while maintaining New York as home base. Over the years I've taken vocational and college courses while recently pushing to attain a B.S. in Construction Management.    

I live in Westchester Co. and have a place upstate where we snowmobile and go boating in the summer. I received my pilot’s license while working in Oregon and enjoy flying when able.
— Ed
Ed Mastroeni Bolster Job Captain NYC.jpg