Design that builds

To help Bolster Contractors deliver financially-guaranteed construction results, we ask that architects produce their drawings according to a simple set of standards.


Clean & Complete

Drawings clearly show only what is actually being built while including a complete list of all fixtures, finishes and accessories (Bolster GCs produce shop drawings).

Dimensions vs. Scale

Drawings have very clear dimensions and do not  require the GC to scale (Scaling driveways is one thing, scaling custom cabinetry is another).

Written Specs

Drawings must include clear general conditions and written specifications so that GCs know exactly what they are bidding on. 

Case Study

Here is an example of what Bolster considers a good set of drawings (thank you Agustin Ayuso!)

Isidore Castiglia Bolster Contractor
I feel confident working with a Bolster Architect because I know their drawings are going to make my job easier and help produce a great result.
— Isidore Castiglia, Bolster Contractor

Want to work with Bolster?

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Drawing Standards FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Bolster's drawings standards.



Why does Bolster need Drawing Standards?

Bolster is on a mission to deliver the best possible renovation experience to every one of our customers and professionals. As our General Contractors can be required to financially guarantee their performance on a project (a promise that exposes the GC to personal financial risk) we ask that architects produce a standardized set of drawings that are easy for them to read and build from.

How do your Drawing Standards differ from those of the American Institute of Architects?

Bolster's Drawing Standards are 100% compatible with the standards of the AIA and differ only in one simple (yet important) regard: we ask that architect's consider the added consequence of a GC being 100% financially responsible for their successful implementation and therefore request they make their drawings as legible and easy to comprehend as possible.

I have my own set of drawings. Can I work with a Bolster GC?

Yes. As long as your drawings meet our Drawing Standards, a Bolster GC will be able to use your drawings.

What if my drawings to do not meet Bolster's Drawing Standards?

We will recommend you make some changes to the drawings and, assuming that's acceptable to you, a Bolster GC will be able to use your drawings.