Design deliverables

Here is what to expect from your Bolster Architect throughout your renovation with Bolster.


Design Proposal

Bolster Architect's write their proposals in plain English, charge as you receive cost information and show you what each deliverable looks like.

Your proposal will explain exactly what your architect will do for you, the order in which they'll do it, how much each stage will cost and the terms and conditions - all in plain English. They'll also go out of their way to estimate what if any filing fees you can expect to pay so you don't experience any surprises along the way.


The standard approach starts with a survey of what your home currently looks like. The Bolster Process starts with sketches of what your home could look like!

Sketches use existing floor plans and any available information (e.g. plans from StreetEasy) to quickly convey your home's potential and help you establish a more detailed scope of work so you can move forward confidently with your project.

Survey, Drawings, Planning Docs

A survey is a 2-Dimensional representation of your project.

Your architect uses this product as the foundation for all of subsequent design work on your project including the preparation of final drawings and any planning documents.

Final Drawings, Approvals

Now your home is really starting to come to life!

Your Final Drawings from your architect describe the specific dimension, material and product specification required to build and install your design. Your architect then uses these to liaise with your building and the D.O.B. and ultimately secure approval for your project. 

Design Oversight (optional)

Having an architect by your side throughout construction has its benefits.

A Bolster Architect will remain on-hand throughout the build phase of your project to help you resolve any issues which may arise from unforeseen circumstances of construction (e.g. the discovery of hidden pipes - not uncommon in NYC) and any regulatory matters.