Cost deliverables

Here are the construction cost deliverables you can expect to receive throughout your renovation with Bolster.


Initial Cost Report

There's nothing worse than embarking on a major investment before you know how much its going to cost you.

With Bolster's Initial Cost Report, we use data specific to your project and a proprietary algorithm to provide you with a statistically accurate range of probable costs for your project according to the quality of finish and scope of work you want to achieve.

Price: FREE

Revised Cost Report

Good Data In, Good Data Out.

Once your architect and / or contractor have gathered sufficient additional information on your project's design, we can provide you with a revised, more accurate, report of your project's construction costs. 

Price:  FREE with Design

Priced Wish List

Empowering you with the information you need to make decisions.

Rather than present you with a bid to try and fit your exact budget (which involves your contractor making decisions about your home on your behalf) your Bolster Contractor will first present you with a Priced Wish List. This details everything you wish to have done on your project so you can assess the importance of all the items once fully priced. From there you are free to make informed decisions about how best to invest in your home.

Price:  $1,000 (Free with Design & Build)

Final Bid & Cost Report

Bolster takes you to your project's finish line to show you why a bid from a Bolster Contractor is the financially intelligent option.

A Final Bid from a Bolster Contractor incorporates all of your feedback from your Priced Wish List and is meticulously detailed. It is also accompanied by a Final Cost Report showing you how your financial exposure to cost overruns and other performance risks have been reduced and can even be completely eliminated via Bolster's Financial Guarantee. 

Price:  Free

View examples of Final Bids.

Fixed-Price Contract & Financial Guarantee

Drafted by experts and backed by leading insurers, Bolster leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your project's success.

The Bolster Fixed-Price Project Contract outlines all parties roles and responsibilities in plain English, includes many best practice provisions and includes all necessary local consumer protections. If purchased, it also comes packed with a promise from Bolster's insurance partners to financially guarantee the success of your project to its agreed-upon quality, schedule and budget. Learn more about the Bolster Guarantee.

Price:  As per Final Bid

Bolster was the missing link on our project – they provided us with the perfect professionals. Their process was able to show us the decisions driving our costs and the levers we had at our disposal to control those costs. From there, we were able to make the right decisions for our home.
— Eric Boester, Bolster Customer, Manhattan, NYC