Chis Amplo

About. I'm Chris, and I'm a general contractor with over 20 years of experience renovating properties in New York City. I love my professional and am extremely passionate about improving the renovation process for owners and professionals alike.

My Background. I started in the renovation industry in 2000 as a general helper which gave a me strong foundation and invaluable experience in most of the trade work. By 2004 I was running projects and so I applied for my contractors license and founded my firm. I started on smaller projects like bathrooms, kitchens and decks and gradually evolved into doing larger projects including a big gut renovation and combination project which really inspired me to learn everything I could about the general contracting business. A lot has changed since then and we now handle projects three times bigger which I owe to a great team and belief in transparency and fast, frequent communications. Together my team and I have now delivered over 200 projects for clients that we now call friends. 

My Core strengths. I love doing all kinds of residential projects but especially enjoy delivering big gut renovation projects.

My Proudest moment. On a recent gut renovation and addition project, I was able to work alongside the owner's architect to change the initial design, give the client the open floor plan they really wanted and save them thousands on steel work. A hugely rewarding process and result.

Why I renovate with Bolster. I've always had a like minded feeling about the renovation business - that there has to be a better way! The Bolster model has truly identified the opportunities to improve the experience for the client and the contractor.






"I did a large renovation project on my apartment and definitely recommend using Chris."

Matthew Lieber Happy Owner, NYC

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Fun Fact   

Chris is a rockstar. No really... he's been a singer in a rock band since he was 18 and has appeared on several TV shows! 🎸