Chris Amplo

Bolster Project Manager

Chris is a former general contractor with over 17 years of experience renovating properties in New York City. He loves the profession and is extremely passionate about improving the renovation process for owners and professionals alike.

Chris loves working on all kinds of residential projects but especially enjoys delivering big gut renovation projects.

On a recent gut renovation and addition project, he was able to work alongside a veteran Bolster Architect to change the initial design, give the homeowner the open floor plan they really wanted and save them thousands on steel work. A hugely rewarding process and result.

Career highlights

  • 2000 - Began in the renovation industry as a general helper
  • 2004 - Founded his own firm delivering small projects 
  • 2007 - Began doing large projects 
  • 2016 - Began working with Bolster as subcontractor
  • 2018 - Hired by Bolster as in-house Project Manager


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Gut Renovation of 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Coop