On Target Design

Produce drawings that fit your budget - with no value engineering


Traditional Problem: The major problem with the traditional renovation design process is that there is often no stress-testing of the owner's budget against the scope of work the architect has been asked to design. As such, bids from contractors frequently come in significantly higher than anticipated, resulting in sticker shock for the owner and a painful, and sometimes expensive, re-design process. 

Bolster Solution: Working within the Bolster process, owners can embark upon their design with their architect safe in the knowledge they already have a scope of work that is achievable for an agreed-upon budget thanks to our Budget Report and Planner Tool. This avoids contractor bids from coming back way over budget and the sunk cost, time and emotional pain involved in the architect having to redesign (“value engineer”) the project



Gut Renovation, Garrison NY

Kevin & Mia's Problem: Kevin and Mia were receiving bids from contractors to gut renovate their 3-bedroom home in Garrison, NY. Their architect had drawn up their plans and submitted them to several contractors, however despite a firm $600,000 budget, every bid (including one from Bolster Contractor Isidore Castiglia) came in over $1M. Kevin and Mia had already spent over $50,000 on design fees but were unwilling to move forward with their project's construction due to the additional budget it required.

Bolster's Solution: Kevin and Mia's Bolster Specialist recommended they use our Budget Planner Tool. With minimal redesign, they were able to reduce their Bolster Contractor's bid from $1,184,867 (97% over their $600,000 budget) to $739,191 (just 23% over their $600,000 budget - which they increased given the value of their newly optimized scope and design).

Following this result, Kevin and Mia were happy to finally proceed with their renovation.

Cost: On-Target Design Fees vary depending on scope of work