Cost Estimate

Know the cost of your project - upfront


Traditional Problem: Homeowners rarely get reliable and accurate information about their project's total cost before engaging professionals.

Bolster Solution: Bolster's Cost Estimate provides owners with a statistically accurate range of costs to make informed decisions about the scope, design and cost of their renovation project, before professional services are engaged.



Loft Conversion in Tribeca

Alex's Problem: Alex had been saving for her Tribeca loft conversion for several years and had $400,000 put away. While searching for an architect, she was repeatedly told that her project would cost over $500,000 and became disillusioned with the process.

Bolster's Solution: Alex contacted Bolster after researching renovation costs online and within 48 hours, met her Bolster Specialist and Professionals at her project address and, free of charge, received her Cost Estimate. The report showed her the minimum and maximum cost of her scope of work and revealed the areas where she could save money so as to achieve a project she would be happy with for her $400,000 budget.

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