Bolster Bid

Get a detailed, competitive bid that fits your budget


Traditional Problem: Traditional bids from contractors often lack specificity around exactly what is being paid for and why. This makes it very difficult for owners to make intelligent decisions about what they are buying and who to hire for their renovation.

Bolster Solution: A Bolster Bid breaks down every task into its raw material and installation costs and reveals the resources the General Contractor requires to deliver the project on time and on budget. This proprietary format empowers owners to ask the right questions and obtain like-for-like pricing information from any competing contractors so they can make the right hiring decision.


Luxury Kitchen Reno,  UWS

Adam's Problem: Adam and his wife were renovating their Central Park West two-bedroom apartment and had several general contractors bidding for the work. Unfortunately, they could not obtain like-for-like information from each and so were unsure of the price they were being asked to pay and who to hire.

Bolster's Solution: Adam reached out to Bolster and within 14 days received their Bolster Bid from Bolster Contractor Aaron Borenstein. The highly detailed, structured and educational format of Aaron's bid empowered Adam to ask the right questions of all of his contractors. This eventually reduced the price variance between Aaron's bid and the lowest competing bid from 25% to within just 1% of Aaron's.

Subsequently Adam and his wife made the decision to hire Aaron and Bolster for their renovation.

Cost: $1,000 (FREE with On-Target Design)