A better way to Build

The traditional Build process is broken and fraught with inefficiencies, so we've invented a better one.


Meet your team, learn the cost of your project

Following a brief phone call, your Bolster Specialist will hand-pick the best contractor for your project and arrange a site visit. Shortly after you'll receive a Free Cost Estimate for your project.

✔  Quick call with Bolster Specialist

  Free in-home consultation with Bolster Contractor

  Free Cost Estimate


Get a fully itemized, detailed bid like no other

Once you activate the pricing process, your contractor will revisit you with all trade specialists to conduct diligence. Following that you'll receive your Bolster Bid consisting of everything you wish to have done fully itemized and priced and eligible for our On-Time & On-Budget Financial Guarantee. 

✔  Full review of any and all drawings

  Fully itemized and detailed Bolster Bid

  On-Time & On-Budget Financial Guarantee


Manage everything in one place

Following the signing of your fixed-price contract your contractor will mobilize their workforce. Once underway, all of your project's admin and payments will happen seamlessly through your dashboard. Once complete, your specialist will present you with your aftercare package.

  Fixed-Price contract

  Easily pay your professionals 

✔  Access all project and financial information

  Expert support from impartial construction experts

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Bolster vs. Traditional Build Projects

Bolster projects are consistently delivered faster and more cost-efficiently than traditional renovation projects. For every $100,000 spent on a build project, Bolster saves owners $59,000 compared to the traditional build process. How is this calculated?

  • $159K


  • $100K

    With Bolster



Build FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bolster Build process. See all FAQ.

What do you mean by Build Only? ...

Build Only is where you choose a Bolster Contractor to deliver the construction phase of your renovation project with or without (if not needed) pre-existing design information.

When should I use it? ...

When you already have an architect or architectural drawings or have a very clear scope of work.

What are the benefits? ...

The most experienced and thoroughly evaluated contractors, complete control of your budget at every step, radically transparent bids, a stress-free renovation experience and financially guaranteed results.

How does it work? ...

Your Bolster Specialist and Contractor will meet you at your home and provide you with a free consultation and Cost Estimate. To continue, you simply activate the pricing process and await your Final Bid. We then prepare your Fixed-Price Contract & Financial Guarantee (optional) and help ensure construction runs smoothly via our platform.

What do I get? ...

Throughout your Build Project with Bolster, you will receive a Free site visit from your Bolster Specialist and General Contractor; a Free Cost Sstimate of your build costs; a comprehensive and reliable Final Bid; all necessary permits and approvals; an industry-leading Build Agreement between you and your Contractor; a simple payments and change order solution, On-Demand project financial information and expert support until completion.

How long will my project take? ...

The construction phase on Bolster projects typically ranges from 3 to 6 months depending upon the scope of work involved.

How much will my project cost? ...

It depends. Square footage, quality, complexity and location all play a part. In 2016 in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the min / max / average price per square foot costs to renovate with Bolster were:

Gut Renovations: $223 / $468 / $368.
Apt. Combinations: $414 / $452 / $446.
Rooftop Terraces: $253 / $533 / $381.
Luxury Kitchens: $274 / $548 / $325.
Luxury Millwork: 184 / $240 / $205.

Get your FREE Cost Estimate.


Build Project Case Study

Rooftop Terrace Renovation

When a Battery Park City homeowner and successful hedge fund manager decided to renovate his 1,130-square foot rooftop space, he approached Bolster, as well as his building's in-house contractor.

His building's contractor, claimed it could deliver the project 2.17 times faster than Bolster Contractor Aaron Borenstein, while using only 17% of the resources. The homeowner was curious as to why there was such a dramatic difference between the two, and decided to educate himself about how the business of bidding works. 

He found that from the start, Bolster followed a thorough and data-driven process in order to create its bid, beginning by visiting his rooftop to estimate a price range from which to plan. With the help of the Bolster App, which uses an algorithm to deliver a statistically accurate projection of project costs, Bolster Professionals were then able to provide the minimum and maximum possible figures for his renovation. Read full case study