Why it makes sense to pay for a Bolster Bid

When you request a bid from a Bolster Contractor, they charge you a fee of $1,000. This fee is fully refundable upon winning your project and is the best money you'll never spend on your renovation. Here's why:

Bidding is a time and resource intensive process. When a contractor provides free bids, they typically attract homeowners who are just "browsing" which poorly affects their win-rate. This means their business begins to suffer and so less effort is put into providing bids, making them far less reliable.

When you pay a contractor to provide you with a bid however, you acknowledge they're delivering a professional service of value to your project. They in turn confidently marshall their expertise, time and resources and produce for you an accurate and detailed bid that they are willing to stand behind and that you can use confidently to make important decisions from. A real win-win that will save you time, hassle and money by the end of your project.

When you purchase a bid from a Bolster Contractor, your project is guaranteed to be a success due to the following unique and valuable features:

  Easily comparable - Bolster bids are structured in such a way that the important task and cost information can be easily compared to other Bolster bids side-by-side with one another.

  A final price - Bolster bids come with a report showing you how your financial exposure to cost overruns and other performance risks have been reduced or eliminated.

 Realistic & precise - Every Bolster Contractor signs a personal financial guarantee with our insurance partners giving them financial responsibility for delivering your project as worded in your bid. Being realistic and precise is in their interest too. 

  Supported from start to finish - Every Bolster project is supported by proprietary technology and a team of professionals who ensure your project is delivered beautifully.