What. A. Year.

Work in progress

Since we launched in 2011, our mission at Bolster has been to achieve a 100% on time, on budget and perfect quality and user experience score on each and every renovation project. Now, 4 years later, we're starting to see amazing progress towards achieving this mission.

Here is a taste of what happened at Bolster in 2016.

Our market

Not surprisingly, we helped many amazing homeowner's renovate their homes. Not so obvious, 95% of it was at the higher-end: from $150,000 cosmetic renovations to $1M gut renovations and combinations, Bolster saw a 1,000% increase in total project value over 2015. Tour projects.


Our Professionals

Our best performing contractor, Aaron Borenstein, generated over $2M in revenue and helped put food on the table of over 50 families. Meanwhile our best performing Architect, Agustin Ayuso, generated over $200,000 in fees for his firm.



2016 saw Bolster pioneer a data-driven approach to project planning, budgeting and design that is stabilizing into a suite of patent-pending features. For example, our innovative Project Planning Tool helps owners value engineer their scope of work and budget before spending on architect's fees and helps ensure Bolster Architects and Contractors deliver drawings and bids that fit a customer's budget - on the first attempt. 


Our performance

The stats came back, and they're mind blowing - Bolster Contractors are now winning projects at a rate of more than 3 X the highest performing General Contractors in the U.S. (81% vs. 25%) and delivering projects 98.7% on time and 99.3% on budget. It goes without saying we'll be improving our platform to beat these figures in 2017.


Award nomination

Alley, in partnership with Entrepreneur Magazine, want to shine light on amazing companies that have fought through the toughest of times to make their company a staple in the NYC entrepreneurial ecosystem and this year are hosting the first Resilience Award. In case you didn't know how hard it can be to build a startup (especially one that attempts to solve renovation), here’s the story behind why Bolster was nominated (thank you, whoever you are).