Here are the best kitchen islands we gawked at this week

We’ve got kitchens on the mind! In celebration, we’re rounding up some of the best kitchen inspiration we’ve seen online in the last week–focusing on beautiful and functional kitchen islands.

Somebody once said that you can find all the cool people at the party by going into the kitchen. It’s a fairly accurate statement–food and drink bring people together, and you’re in a room that celebrates camaraderie and sharing. It’s a room that’s built on the promise of sustenance–and it’s rarely too loud or too boisterous. You’re near all the snacks, and there’s likely several countertops to lean on during a more quiet and intimate chat.

The colder months often bring out a desire to hibernate and to stay inside. And the kitchen–the epicenter of the home’s will to nurture and protect–is a place we want to ensure is just right for our lifestyles. (Particularly when we don’t really want to go outside in that twenty-degree weather.)

Maybe that means it’s big enough to have a few friends over for brunch, but not too big that you’re obligated to host holiday parties. Maybe it means that you’ve got abundant countertops because you know you’re a messy chef and you somehow end up using four cutting boards for every dish you prepare. Or maybe it means that you’ve got enough floor space for all the dogs and the cats and the kids–as they chase each other around the house before dinner.


Up first is this sleek number found on Remodelista. The modern contrast between the clean white lacquer and the light wood is pretty striking. Admittedly, it doesn’t look like a place that wants to get messy–they’ve definitely hidden all the cleaning supplies in one of those cabinets.


This statement kitchen, seen in Elle Decor, commands control of the entire house, from a design perspective. (How can you look away from those tiles?) The marble-topped kitchen island combines form and function, with a four-burner range and an elegant built-in sink. Can you imagine drinking a cup of coffee while perched on one of those seats—and maybe someone else is frying up a pan of eggs? We can.


They say that blue is a calming color, and we certainly feel at ease imagining ourselves around this kitchen island from House Beautiful! The Christian Peacock cabinets are topped with enough black granite to serve a feast for you and dozens of your closest friends.


This kitchen island seen in Dwell is serving double midcentury modern duty with its attached cast-glass breakfast counter. Paired with the quartz counters and cherry cabinets, this set up is nothing short of a work of art. Just imagine yourself drinking an aperitif in a frosted coup glass while perched alongside this kitchen island! Très chic.


Next up from Architectural Digest, this kitchen island means serious business. Custom designed and built beautifully to the homeowner’s exact requirements for their SoHo loft, this one’s a showstopper. Can you even imagine how much you can fit into all those cabinets and drawers?


And last but not least, here’s an understated kitchen island–one more from the tastemakers at Remodelista. With an ever-so-slight extension, the Iroko-topped kitchen island also serves as a chic breakfast counter–one that looks like the perfect setting for a good book and a cup of tea.

Feeling inspired? We hear you. Now if you don't mind, we'll be off daydreaming of marble, wood, and all the memories to be made around the beautiful kitchen islands of the world.

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