Meet Bolster customer Adam Braim

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Adam and his wife Kat are an amazing young couple living in Cobble Hill Brooklyn who wanted to gut-renovate their new home before settling in. Here Adam talks about his renovation experience.

Why did you choose to renovate? 

We chose to renovate because we were in the process of buying, and quickly realized we would never be able to get exactly what we wanted either with new construction, or a newly renovated for-sale apartment.

What were your goals for the project?

Our goals of this project were to make our apartment a home. We wanted to add the details that we've seen in other homes we've liked and to highlight the original character of the apartment, but add updates to bring it to the 21st century. At the same time, we wanted to add details that would stand the test of time to appeal to other buyers at some point down the road.

What was your biggest concern before renovating? 

Our biggest concern going into the project was not knowing how we could possibly get to the end result. Not having done anything like this in the past, we were assured by the Bolster team that we would get to the promised end result in the most efficient way possible. We did.

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge we faced during renovation was dealing with the NYC Department of Buildings. At the end of the day, having the Bolster team on our side ultimately eased our nerves and got us through partial unscathed. Now having the experience of dealing with the D.O.B., we know the challenges in front of us if and when we choose to do a renovation in the future.

What was your biggest indulgence?

Our biggest indulgence was the entire project! We first started off wanting to add a second bathroom and that turned into doing mostly everything else in the entire apartment! To pick just one thing, I'd say we indulged a bit on the bathroom tile. It is a timeless choice that is extremely elegant and each guest we've had over has fallen in love with our bathrooms.

What was the best bit of advice you got during your project?

The best bit of advice we received during the project was to trust the process. This may seem crazy with New York City renovations, but the Bolster team has a tried and true model that we bought into and completely trusted. This advice proved to be perfect, as we trusted the process and got more than we had ever imagined as a result.