Happy Thanksgiving 2016

As we Brits don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.K., the holiday itself is not naturally top of mind for me. Thankfully however, I'm surrounded by a few festive-spirited New Yorkers who each year remind me of the holiday's true meaning. 

Just yesterday, one of our contractors rang me to wish me a happy Thanksgiving. He mentioned he had just finished wrapping up his staff's enrollment in his company's new 401K plan and attributed his ability to do this to the volume of business from Bolster this year ($2.2M with an 80% win-rate). 

He also told me that when he added up all his staff, subcontractors and small suppliers, that he was now honored to be "responsible for putting food on the table of some 50 families".

This not only put a spring in my step but reaffirmed in me the core idea of what Bolster is all about: helping great professionals build a successful business that can deliver reliable value to its staff, suppliers and ultimately, the homeowner. 

I've been a General Contractor, it's a tough business. You often don't know where your next job is coming from, how reasonable the client will be over the duration of the project, what difficulties you're going to encounter and how much, if any, money you're really going to make.

Helping our professionals solve these problems in a meaningful and effective way is an honor and a joy to all of us at Bolster. And although we're still small, I'm incredibly excited by the prospect one day soon of helping thousands of professionals in turn support tens of thousands of families through the value we create together in making the home renovation experience an enjoyable and rewarding one for everyone involved. 

To everyone connected to Bolster, here's wishing you and your family a very happy thanksgiving.

- Fraser Patterson, CEO