Can my co-op make me get rid of the old stove that came with my apartment?

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My wife and I just purchased a co-op, with an old commercial Garland range, and a kitchen hood vent that exhausts through a window facing 7th Avenue. (It's not directly up against a neighboring building, and we're high up enough that it doesn't vent out onto pedestrians on the sidewalk.) We'd planned to keep the vent as-is, but our super is pushing us to upgrade and get rid of the vent. Does city building code restrict this kind of vent, or is this just an issue with my board?


Unfortunately, your board is in the right here, say our experts. As it's currently set up, your stove's vent violates city code, and must be changed.

"Venting a cooktop, commercial or residential, with an exhaust grille that is placed within a window opening in an apartment building is simply not legal," says David Yum, an architect with Bolster. "This type of exhaust must be placed at least three feet away from any existing window opening. 'Upgrade' is not the right term. Legalizing the exhaust means routing it to a location away from the window."

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