Bolster’s philosophy on team walk-throughs

Picture this - You are expecting your contractor to arrive at your home soon to do a walk through of your project.

The door bell rings. You open the door... And there are a group of strange men standing there!


Darth Vader. Death Star Construction. We have an 11am to discuss your renovation.

Darth Vader. Death Star Construction. We have an 11am to discuss your renovation.

This is rarely a good start to a new relationship.

The practice of conducting a walk-through with all the subcontractors who will be involved in your project has the appearance of being efficient. But on closer inspection, it has several drawbacks.

Here are the 4 reasons why Bolster does not conduct this practice (at least without having met first and being engaged to produce a design proposal or bid):

  1. We like to get to know one another, one-on-one. We treat a free in-person consultation as an opportunity to get to know one another personally and talk “freely”. Something we have discovered that is made much harder with other people around.
  2. We like to put the customer at ease. Many customers complain that having several strangers (typically all men, sigh) in their home can be overwhelming and somewhat threatening. We respect that.
  3. We haven't picked the best team yet. Every renovation is different. And without walking through the building, our Construction Managers don't necessarily know who is the best electrician, framer, plumber etc for the project. Rather than be beholden to the first people, we like to engage the best people.
  4. We cannot offer our services for free. It is very difficult to justify removing productive labor (e.g. electricians, plumbers, framers etc.) from paying customer’s projects to provide an unpaid service to a prospective client. This is why we offer our customers a refundable estimate.