Get ahead of your bathroom renovation costs

It is possible to curtail the cost of your bathroom renovation by keeping an eye on the following money guzzlers:

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  • Layout changes: Changing the layout of your bathroom will no doubt require you to alter your plumbing and electrical services. Also, if your planning on increasing the size of your bathroom, then it's a bigger project with more scope so your going to pay more for labor and material.
  • Fixtures and fittings: Sometimes it's worth carefully removing sinks, faucets, baths etc and reinstalling them. Other times it's worth demolishing everything and installing brand new appliances. Talk to your contractor about the cost implications of both. From our own experiences of renovating bathrooms in colder climates, underfloor heating is typically the most expensive aspect of a high-end bathroom remodel.


Bathroom renovation costs in New York vs. National Average

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Data courtesy of Hanley Wood.