7 questions to ask before signing your remodeling contract

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1. Will you be the one managing the project? If not, who will be?

2. Who is responsible for purchasing the materials? (You want the general contractor to do this.)

3. What professionals (such as an architect or engineer) need to be engaged in the project, and who is engaging them? (You’re better off engaging an architect if you want them to administer the project.)

4. Who is applying for all the necessary permits? (Your contractor should be the one doing this.)

5. Have you done projects of this scope, specification and budget before?

6. Can you provide me with all the necessary insurance documentation?

7. Can I have a complete list of all the people who will be in my home working on my project? (Be sure to keep a list of all subcontractors’ names and home addresses, both for safety purposes, and in case one of them places a lien on your home.)