Homeowners beware: contractor warning signs

The 5 Biggest Warning Signs of a Bad Contractor

1) If a contractor asks for a cash-only deposit

2) If he tries to charge you for a proposal

3) If he asks you to submit permits, rather than doing it himself

4) If he turns up unannounced at your door and offers a bid for work (“I was just in the neighborhood and noticed your windows weren’t double-glazed…”)

5) If he doesn’t have a license – he must be a registered contractor, or else you have no recourse if the project goes bust/the contractor goes under during the project

The Most Important Questions To Ask a Contractor

1) How many projects do you have going on? (Zero = no good, 10 = too many/spread too thin)

2) How long have you been in business?

3) Are you going to be managing the project? If not you, then who? Do you have a foreman?

4) Can I see references? (These should consist of: projects that they’re doing now, customers they have now, architects, and subcontractors/suppliers that the contractor has worked with, to ask if they get paid on time).