3 apples, hold the pears please – how to get sensible bids from your remodeling contractors

One of the biggest issues homeowners face when they start a remodel is getting sensible bids from contractors.

The bids often lack any structure and contain even less detail. And the gap between what the homeowner thinks they are getting and what the contractor is actually offering, can be huge.  

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Follow this advice to help standardize the bids you receive so they are easy to compare.

  1. List out the areas of your house you are intending to remodel (i.e. kitchen, bathroom). If you have a big house get specific (i.e. 1st floor bedroom)
  2. Starting with a verb (i.e. remove, install, fabricate etc.) list every task you want done. 
  3. List every product you want removed / installed and how many (i.e. 3 windows, 4 doors). Add photos, magazine clippings, links to products online wherever possible.

Adding a floor plan is always helpful. Ask your contractor to specify what is and what is not included, are you buying your new faucet or are they?

You are aiming to get back something that looks like this: 

Specificity is key. If you want it to happen, describe it and stick in your contract.