5 space-saving renovations for your New York apartment

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Living in a small apartment has it's merits: warmth and coziness, less to clean, the ability to reach anything in a few steps. Here are some renovation tips to make the most of your niche.

Alcove Bureau

Bolster space-saving renovation advice home office closet project

Converting a closet into a home office works when you don't have storage problems already. So to make the space to work from home without throwing out your shoe collection, consider sprucing up an alcove. This not only gives you a romantic work station but creates ample surface area to store all sorts of trinkets.


The High Life 

Bolster space-saving renovation project advice overhead bed.png

When life on the ground is cramped, take to the sky. Building overhead compartments with sliding ladder access opens up your floor space and, night activities permitting, you can even fit a bed up there. 


Murphy Your Bed

Bolster space-saving advice install a murphy bed

With a technomagical ability to pop out of walls, the Murphy bed represents a really elegant solution to living large in a space-starved apartment. They come in all sizes and double-up as tables, desks and chairs when closed. Read more on our blog all about Murphy Beds


Murphy Your Table

Bolster space-saving renovation advice murphy desk

As you may have guessed by now, you can pretty much do a Murphy on any horizontal surface. Murphy Tables are perfect when you need to work from home at the weekend or have friends over for dinner.


Pull-Out an Ironing Board

Bolster space-saving renovation advice pull out IroningBoard

If you're going to hide all your surfaces, you may find ironing your blouse in the morning a bit of a challenge so consider installing a pull-out ironing board.