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Our process, technology and economies of scale help get you unbeatable pricing and save our customers on average $58,721. In fact, we’re so confident in our pricing that if you get a bid from another contractor we’ll analyze it for you for FREE and, if it meets our guidelines, beat it by $1,000. 



Bolster’s Bid format reveals the true resources needed to deliver your project successfully and so having competing contractors follow it lets everyone know the bidding is fair. 

1. All direct costs including materials, fixtures, finishes and subcontracted trades and labor must be broken out and priced at market rate with no markup or hidden PnO

2. General Labor, Site Management and Project Management must be broken out and broken down into the days per week spent by each resource on the project and their individual day rates (e.g. Project Manager for 2 days / week at $350 / day)

3. Workers' Compensation Insurance must be broken out

4. General Liability Insurance must be broken out

5. Overhead and Profit is broken out and be the total amount of profit and overhead on the project.


Some of America’s largest insurers have professionally analyzed our financials, business operations and management and have agreed to be held financially responsible for our performance on your project via a new kind of 100% Performance & Payment Bond.

And so to prove competing contractors are as committed to your project as we are, we ask that each of them try and obtain a "100% Performance & Payment Bond" from one of the insurers below to guarantee they’ll deliver your project as promised:

Learn about a Performance & Payment Bond on Wikipedia.



Terms and conditions apply

Bolster may withdraw its offer to beat competing contractor's pricing if we determine their pricing jeopardizes our ability to deliver according to the terms of our Financial Guarantee to deliver your project on time, on budget and to quality, competing contractor's profit and overhead are shown to be baked into the material or labor rates, general and management labor rates are below generally accepted market rates (in NYC, quality Project Managers earn between $300 and $497 per day, Site Managers/Job Captains earn between $300 and $450 per day and General Laborers earn between $100 and $207 per day), Workers' Compensation Insurance rates are less than 17% atop all general labor and management costs (an indicator of inadequate coverage), General Liability Insurance rates are less than 3% atop all project costs (an indicator of inadequate coverage) or overhead and profit rates are less than 20% atop all costs (an indicator that the contractor will not be suitably financially motivated to deliver the project successfully and may even go out of business while delivering the project).