Smarter renovations for New Yorkers who love to come home, again and again.

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Welcome Home

At Bolster, we design, build, and deliver your renovation exactly as promised. Supported by proprietary technology, our team of expert designers and builders is committed to creating the perfect place to come home to.

We’re bringing radical transparency to the entire renovation process, from the first sketch to the final handshake. That means our homeowners know the total cost of every line item and have full visibility into project milestones. We know it’s the smarter way to be the best houseguests. 

We're real New Yorkers doing smarter work. Meet the team.



Our Homeowners

Bolster is the smarter choice for New Yorkers who love their homes and are ready for big changes. Gut renovations, apartment combinations, you name it.

We currently strap on our boots and go to work in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and some surrounding areas. We’ll keep you posted as we expand!

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Our Story

Bolster was founded by Fraser Patterson and Anna Karp. When he was sixteen years old, Fraser was a carpenter's apprentice in Edinburgh. Witnessing a renovation nightmare firsthand, he began to think about how the home renovation process was broken.....and how it needed to be fixed.

 20 years later, equipped with an education in pure mathematics and physics, coupled with his hands-on experience as a carpenter, general contractor, educator, entrepreneur, and executive in the renovation and construction industries, Fraser and his co-founder Anna developed a solution to radically transform the remodeling process.

In 2009, their solution beat The Home Depot and other big corporations in a competition held by the Mexican government. The competition was an effort to make the remodeling process in Mexico less risky so the nation's largest mortgage lender could begin offering home improvement loans. Today, their startup, OnisVida, has delivered thousands of projects all across Mexico in partnership with the country's leading banks.

In 2013, Fraser and Anna moved to the U.S. to launch Bolster.