Is Bolster the right renovation solution for you?

While flying sparks are a common occurrence on renovation projects, they are best avoided between owners and professionals.

At Bolster we believe the best way to ensure everyone a great renovation experience (and achieve our mission of fixing the renovation process) is by helping the very best professionals work only with the very best customers on projects that merit their skill and expertise. 

So what makes a customer a great fit for Bolster and our professionals? The past 12 months of operations in NYC tell us that Bolster is perfect for families doing a major home renovation and who are driven by the renovation's ability to improve their quality of life for years to come.

Bolster is perfect for families doing a major renovation and who are driven by the ability of our process and professionals to improve their quality of life for years to come.

Why homeowners and not developers or serial renovators? Homeowners who renovate infrequently are unencumbered by the false belief they already know the "right way" to renovate and so are looking to trusted professionals to guide them. They're also driven less by the bottom line which when used in isolation of other factors typically makes for a poor renovation experience and outcome.

Why a major renovation and not a small home improvement? Bolster's architects and contractors are experienced professionals running established businesses and so Bolster is not an economical solution for small home improvement projects.

Why a home and not a real estate investment? A home requires a greater emotional investment from an owner than an investment property and the decisions made around its renovation are more personal and complex and so a better fit for Bolster and our professionals.

Why a family's quality of life and not an investor's bottom line? While economics play an important part in choosing a renovation solution, we've found that families think very differently about their home than a single person or investor. This is because the decisions and materials required to live in a property for years to come (rather than flip it) are more complex and quality-driven. Bolster's process is also easily learnable and better serves those that want to directly involve themselves in the process rather than delegate the design and bidding process to a third party (e.g. realtor or employee).