The smart way to do major home renovations

Every year, New Yorkers waste over $700M following the traditional approach to renovation. Bolster is different: we've invented a scientific approach to match you with the best architects and contractors, vastly simplify the entire process and financially guarantee you a beautiful renovation experience.


The very best professionals

Bolster professionals are the most thoroughly vetted and expertly trained architects and contractors in the U.S.. They're also great people: when an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Aaron (pictured) flew out there and built a hospital. Learn more

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Powered by transparency

Homeowners rarely understand the true cost of their project in advance. Bolster's scientific approach solves this problem by showing you exactly what you're paying for upfront while arriving at a fair price. Learn more


Made efficient with technology

Bolster makes its easy for you to make decisions about your project: from proposals and contracts to change orders and invoices, Bolster keeps all of your project's information up-to-date and at your fingertips. Learn more

"Experienced renovators know just how painful major renovation projects can be and are more likely to choose Bolster than first-time renovators."

Guaranteed by leading insurers

Bids from a Bolster Contractor are eligible to be backed by an 8-billion dollar leading insurer who financially guarantee your project is delivered on schedule, to quality and never goes over budget. Learn more

Guaranteed Renovation Bid from Bolster


Supported by experts

Bolster's team of construction and business professionals at HQ support you and your project every step of the way to ensure you're set up for success and enjoy your renovation experience. Learn more

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Saving you time and money

Bolster projects are delivered faster and more cost-efficiently than standard renovation projects while our Financial Guarantee eliminates your exposure to cost overruns. Learn more