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Bolster | Marinella's Renovation Experience NYC
We hired Bolster after a bad experience with another contractor. With Bolster we stayed within budget and schedule and had a great experience.
— Marinella Blodgett, NYC

Marinella and her husband Tom were renovating their Upper West Side kitchen and living room. It was their first renovation as a couple and they were thrilled at the prospect of redesigning the space where they shared the most time together.

Their co-op building recommended a contractor, which seemed like a great idea. After paying him an initial sum and demolition began, a neighbor complained to the board that the proper permits were not filed. A day later, the contractor fled the scene and Marinella and Tom were left with an apartment of rubble.

Six months passed - the NYC Department of Buildings wasn't rushing to produce new permits. They had to move in with family and couldn't find a contractor they trusted. All the while, they were still paying their mortgage and building fees. It was getting stressful, and way more expensive than their forecasted budget.   

A friend told Marinella about Bolster and within 24 hours of her call, we sent over Bolster Contractor Michael Daryani. 

Bolster's Golden Bid accommodated their remaining budget and guaranteed the quality and timely completion of their renovation.

The proper permits were filed, and Marinella knew that this time everything would go as planned - she had a guarantee! Needless to say, the renovation turned out stunning.


Loved by Those in the Know

Bolster is a significant innovation for the renovation industry
— Robert Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects