Bolster Makes Home Renovation Safe, Easy and Fun. 

Bolster manages your entire home renovation process. We provide the perfect Bolster contractor for your project. Our pricing is transparent. We handle the permits. Our work meets industry quality standards. And to top it off, every Bolster project is backed by a 100% Money-Back guarantee. From small makeovers to huge additions, we make home renovation safe, easy and fun!


Bolster specialization


We use our strength in numbers to give you the best team for your individual project.

Bolster transparent renovation pricing

Transparent Pricing

Clear and simple bids that list everything so you can be confident you’re getting a fair market rate. 

Bolster renovation crasftmanship


Every inch of our work is strictly held to a set of documented quality standards.

bolster 100 percent money back renovation guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If your unsatisfied with your renovation, we'll refund you up to 100% of your budget.

Bolster | Marinella's Renovation Experience NYC
We hired Bolster after a bad experience with another contractor. With Bolster we stayed within budget and schedule and had a great experience.
— Marinella Blodgett, NYC

Marinella and her husband Tom were renovating their Upper West Side kitchen and living room. It was their first renovation as a couple and they were thrilled at the prospect redesigning the space they shared the most time together.

Unfortunately, just one week into their project, the contractor recommended by their co-op building bailed on them! Permits had never been filed. 

A friend told her about Bolster and within 24 hours of her call, we sent over Bolster contractor Michael Daryani. 

Michael's estimate was clear, the proper permits were filed, and Marinella was rest assured that this time everything would go as planned - she had a guarantee! Needless to say, the renovation turned out stunning.

Bolster | Catherine's Renovation Experience NYC
Bolster really committed to my project and their construction crew stayed within the timeframe. It was a great experience.
— Catherine Freudenberg, Washington Heights

Catherine is a New York based artist who needed a contractor to renovate a town house in Washington Heights that had been in her family for over eighty years. 

Having an experienced contractor was essential so she could continue working from home in peace while the renovation took place.

She chose Bolster because she loved our contractors and the fact that we backed them up with a guarantee. 

Catherine's renovation was completed as promised and since then we've been invited back for another project....and for tea and cookies! 


Bolster in the Press

Bolster has created a compelling solution to a very real problem
— PandoDaily