A New Kind Of Contractor

Bolster is transforming the remodeling experience for everyone involved. 


Beautiful Work

We deliver beautiful work in accordance with a set of documented quality standards.

Fair Pricing

We reveal how our pricing compares to independently sourced pricing data for projects similar to your own. 

Guaranteed Results

A leading insurer holds us financially accountable for delivering your project exactly as promised.

Great People

We source, recruit and nurture only the most talented and passionate tradesmen and construction managers.

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Objectively Beautiful Work 

Bolster's team delivers all types of renovation projects in and around New York City and Long Island according to a strict set of quality standards. Whether your a homeowner looking to renovate your bathroom or a business owner rolling out a new restaurant concept, Bolster can handle all aspects of your project from design and planning through to construction without drama. 

New E-Book 

Don't have 10,000 hours to spend mastering remodeling? 

Download our remodeling guide and learn everything you need to know to become a remodeling expert in less than one hour.

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Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is continuously monitored against, and compared to, third-party pricing data so you know our bids are honest and fair.

We also offer a third party bid review service to further help ensure you know you are paying a fair price for your remodel.

This involves asking independent experts to review our bid and provide you with their professional opinion.

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Financially Guaranteed Results

Remodeling your property used to be a risky proposition. Not anymore. Bolster offers you an easy and affordable way to guarantee your project is delivered exactly as promised.

We are the inventor of the remodeling industry's first ever 100% Performance, Payment & Warranty Bond which, in partnership with leading surety companies, offers you a financial guarantee that we will complete your project exactly as described in your contract (which we provide).

And if for any reason we fail to deliver, our insurers step in and hold us to account while paying to complete your project.

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What Our Customers Say

Homeowners, business owners, realtors and architects all use Bolster to remove the stress of remodeling.

Homeowners and construction professionals talk about why remodeling with Bolster gives them peace of mind.

James Brune, a Licensed Realtor in New York City, explains why he only recommends Bolster to his clients.